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  1. I knew it had to be easy. That worked! Thank you! - Dennis
  2. I'm trying to set a field to a default value of text, and then in turn, allow the user to change it. I've tried using the Auto-Enter/Data capability, but it restricts you to 255 or fewer characters (my text is about 350 char long). I've also tried doing a Lookup using a global field, except there is only the option to copy the data if the field being copied isn't empty - rather than "copy only if field being copied into is blank". In other words, the way this option works is to copy it EVERY time, not just the first time, as a default normally would work. I'm sure this is an ea
  3. Don't waste your time with tech support. They were no help for me. Dennis
  4. I've dealt with this very same problem (almost to the point of insanity!!). See "printing multiple layouts at once" by dpassovoy about 5 items down in the list of printing issues. The problem is that selecting a printer from a print dialog does not change the default printer, so the second & third & ... layouts revert back to the default. The problem gets worse if you have multiple databases because each DB has its own default printer. One option is to force a print set-up prior to printing since it changes the default printer, but only for that DB. Another is to rever
  5. Try using the following plug-in: https://www.productive.cc/pci_cart/FMPro?-DB=PCSC_Products.FP5&-Format=catalog.htm&-Lay=CGI&ID_No=24&-Find I was going to use it for a similar problem, but it works only up to FM7, which it looks like you are using. D
  6. This would have been a GREAT solution except it is not compatible with FM8 (works with 7 under Win & 8 under Mac). Drat!
  7. Thank you!! I'll give it a try. D
  8. I have a printout that involves printing several (as many as 6) layouts, one after the other. And while I want to present the user with a print dialog so they can select their printer, I don't want to force them to answer the dialog for each of the successive layouts. Instead I want the successive ones to default to what they selected for the initial layout. So, I have used the "no dialog" option for all but the first print command. The problem is this only works if they select the default printer (or the one set in printer setup for that database). Otherwise, the first layout prints
  9. My bad. I didn't see the script step because for some reason I don't have the url.dll installed. I'll try to figure out how to install it. Thanks for you help.
  10. Is there a way to have a script call/run an HTML page? Specifically, I need a menu item to run an external program (a browser) and bring up a URL.
  11. Forgive me, but I can figure out how to advance a counter for each printing of the report, but not for each page. I've created a global field (Page Number) and my script reads something like: - ... - Go to Layout ("1") - Print [] - Go to Layout ("2") - Set Field ["Page Number = 6"] - Set Field ["Page Number = Page Number + 1"] - Print [] - Set Field ["Page Number = 0"] - ... I know this is wrong but I can't figure out how to advance the counter for each page.
  12. Is it possible to use the automatic page numbering ability (i.e., ##) but have it start at something other than page 1? I have two documents that print one right after the other. The first one I have set to "reset" page numbers and it prints 6 pages. I want the second document to start at page 7 and go from there. But, I can't figure out how to do that.
  13. Brilliant! It worked perfectly (fixed margins). Thanks for the suggestion. I don't know why after a 30 minute conversation with FM support, including escalation, and scouring Help and online forums, nothing revealed this simple solution.
  14. I have a report that consists of several pages of text, all within the BODY. It is neatly formatted so page breaks occur at the right location. Unfortunately, each print driver is slightly different, so when I change printers the page breaks occur at different locations within the text, thereby messing up the report. I am told by FM that there is no ability to insert a page break into the BODY section. Any solution to this problem?
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