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  1. sorry - I assumed I was getting email notifications for replies... Yes, I would love a copy of the file, if you have something you are comfortable with sharing. Don't sweat the "brute force", I am all too familiar with these sorts of solutions;-)
  2. Have you had any luck with this? I am experimenting with a similar task and am looking for answers.
  3. Alright - I think I figured something out... When the locations are being created, by default, the location name field is being set to "Untitled". My value list is trying to cancatenate "Name" and "Address" - so I think that the value list is seeing the duplicate values in the first field and only showing the first location with that value (only showing unique values from the name field - not treating the concatenated value as a unique value). This was one of those sloppy loose ends that was left a long time ago when specs changed. It certainly came and bit me in the $ this time. I guess I need to figure something out now. Thank you for whatever time you have put in to helping me out - I am guessing that my solution makes sense to anybody who has looked at this? If not, please correct me. Thanks! Scott
  4. OMG - now it is really driving me nuts... Here are two updates... I dug up an archived file from 6 months ago - before I started getting in and messing with things. The function seemed to work fine. The only change that I have made since was change the way the value list appeared (I concatenated the location name and street address field - it was originally showing just the location name field - but did not fool with the relationship at all). This morning, I was trying to troubleshoot again and one of the companies that was nto working last week IS working right now. They were created last week and I was not able to pull up multiple locations on the orders. NOW, I can. I then tried other companies that have been added last week and it is still NOT working. I thought it could possible have something to do with permissions, so I tried both usernames - same result. I can add and delete locations for this one new company, all of the old companies, but not all of the new companies. I tried adding another new one, no luck - can not pull up the locations. $#@&*()%$! if anybody has any insight as to what I am missing, please let me know... Thanks! Scott
  5. I even learned something new with that - I had never saved a file as a clone before... Here is the file... Credentials are "admin" and "pass". That should get you in full access. eX-Tracker_Pro_10-28-08v3_Clone.fp7.zip
  6. Thank you, again, for the follow up... I am not at the office right now and not on a machine with FM - I will be there tomorrow and will try to do that. I really think that I got most of the data out except for two companies and two orders to show the behavior. I guess that there must be something that I am missing, though...
  7. I just deleted a whole lot of records and got the compressed file down to 6mb. This appears to be way too big to upload to this forum. Are there any other options? Can I ftp it somewhere? Thanks! Scott
  8. Let me see if I can get it down to a reasonable file size...
  9. Thank you - I just tried turning the indexing off and on. This did not work. When I look at the relationship, it certainly appears to be a one to many to me... Also, if it is not the correct relationship, why is it working for all of the companies that were imported? One thing that I don't think that I pointed out, too - if I add locations to the imported companies, those locations will show up accordingly. Seems like maybe something is funky about how my companies are being created? I'm still at a loss... I just tried rebuilding the company table's ID index, too. No Luck...
  10. I am having a wonderful time right now with a relational value list that works, kind of... I have a company table, a location table and an order table. Both the Order table and the location table are related to the Company table by the "ContacID" field. When I create a new order, the ship location field will display a drop down value list of all related values from the location table, based on ContactID. Well, it works beautifully for all companies that were imported into the database when we went live. What I just found it, however, is that for all companies that are being created in the database now, the value list will only show the FIRST related location. The contactID fields are being created correctly for these locations. Also, if I add multiple locations for a given company, I will only see the first location pop up on the order. If i go back and delete the first location, the next one in line will then show up in the value list - but only that one. Does this ring any obvious bells? I can provide more details if necessary, I was just curious if this sounded familiar at all.
  11. Whooo! - that would have driven me nuts had I run into that. Thank you for the tips, again. I am in the middle of some heavy automation scripts and I am sure I will be back soon. I basically need to automate all of the monthly reporting for the accounting department. First step now is simply producing the reports. Later on, I will surely want to produce some data to send straight into the accounting system, but I don't want to get ahead of myself. So, again, thanks so much too all who have contributed! I have learned so much from this forum and continue to do so.
  12. Excellent - I got it in and it works beautifully! I tested it with a January system date and it still works. The two threads that you linked me too helped in explaining it - I will definitely be using those date functions in the future. I did search before posted, I guess it is tough sometimes because the search terms in my head don't always match what the answer is : One last follow up - I noticed that you used 2 periods ("..") for the range, instead of 3 ("..."). Are these two interchangeable? Does it make a difference at all? Thanks! Scott
  13. Man - even better! I knew that I was going to have to figure something out in January, but was prepared to deal with it then, I guess. You beat me to it and I really appreciate it! I will put that in tomorrow when I get in. THANKS! sf
  14. Excellent - I ended up doing this: Set Field (AR_LineItemsPayment::PaymentDate;Month(Get(CurrentDate))-1 and it is working. I still have a fair amount of work to do to get everything done like I need, but this was certainly an obstacle. Thank you guys, again, for your insight. I am sure I will be posting again soon. Scott
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