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  1. Stephen, This helps me a lot . . . thank you very much. brian park
  2. Can anyone provide a script for this? I currently have 4 tables and layouts: Invoice, Clients, Services, Lines items each with their own auto entered id's and related fields. I been really learning a lot with the redesign business and invoicing coming from a "flat file" mindset . . . and still learning more with now scripting. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -brian
  3. How simple . . . . Thanks very much! Nothing else on the highlighted box bit eh? -brian
  4. Hi, I've created a field in my invoice layout titled "PAID" with a checkbox value list of just a single value also just titled "paid." What I'm trying to do is put a search/of find for all my invoices which are not paid (and thus the PAID box/field unchecked), but I can't put out a search function with an unchecked value field. Any ideas? I only want to have to x out the box if the record/invoice has been paid, rather than having to deselect a secondary "unpaid" box from the value field for when an invoice does get paid. *I noticed that with any new record I go to after I check the box that it becomes highlighted with a thick black border that goes away after I click outside the field . . . .it's nothing big, but can I disable this unsightly highlight or is it filemaker's way to show me that the field needs to be addressed? -brian
  5. apologies for my lack of understanding scripting nomenclature but can anyone post an exact verbatim scripting procedure for this? I'd like to have my pdf's saved too, not with a field date, but rather with my invoice id number on my main layout. Scripting where it saves to would be nice not necesarily. -brian
  6. after tinkering around I discovered something very bothersome . . . . it seems that my font file is the culprit. I changed the font I had used for the TO not showing in my main layout and now all is well (for now it seems). I was only able to discover this as I had notice two different font selections (marked by a slightly different spelling) for the same font when I was playing around in layout mode - I then changed it to the actual font being used everywhere else in the layout. Does this make sense that a possible corrupt font cause for it to not show through when being converted to a PDF?
  7. I have an main (invoice) layout that will not show any info when I try to save as a PDF. This main layout out has a portal displaying data from related Invoice Line Items TO and none it of comes through when I save the record as a pdf, although all of it shows in my preview mode. Secondly, I have a related field also from the same TO (Total amount) that also doesn't show but is not in the portal. Any thoughts or ideas why this may be? -brian
  8. geez how simple . . . thank you very much! I was trying to format it through the define database dialogue box : . . . .
  9. I have a calculation field that will only display the final number in it's whole amount when there is only a whole amount. Is there a way for filemaker to display my muliplied amount to include .00? ie. $200.00 For now my calculation is as follows: Total= quantity * service rate
  10. Anyone know what this is? -specially the lookup of the client information bit . . . . . as it is right now I'm entering the client information through a portal if it's new (thus allowing creating records in the related table) but then entering the client id number through the portal if they're already in the client database. Could there be any other way?
  11. Stephen, thanks for replying . . . everything makes sense except for a couple of things as I'm still learning this program. Not sure how to go about creating the New invoice button as well as the scripting (?) for the lookup of the client information and how it would be automatically displayed. Would the button be on the client or invoice layout? Also, I'm assuming that with each new client I will have to enter all their info separately through the client table. Is there a way, however, to newly enter a client info directly through the invoice TO (through a portal perhaps) and have it create a new record in the client database for it to be used in the button fuction in it's lookup of client info? The model you provide is very much similar to the examples I am learning through an online tutorial (lynda.com) as it too provides separate tables for invoice line items and services, but it is still confusing to me how or why there is a separate table for line items. What is this for, or why cannot there be a direct link between the services TO and Invoice TO itself? If anyone clearly explain, it would be nice. Thanks. -brian
  12. Hi, I'm trying to create a new database for my invoicing. I'd like a little advice on "where" or which Table Occurance to make my layout. I've begun familiarizing myself with relational databases and portals but before I go into any details I'll explain my needs. First, I was doing my invoices through Word documents, meaning I would manually enter each time the invoice numbers, client info, and services provided (this as you might know can be redundant if you've worked for the same client before). With auto-enter functions (serial #'s, dates) I know that much of what I manually type in can be simplified. So . . . . what I'd ideally like to have is: with each "new record" creation have an invoice number auto-generated and "only" have to enter the client info (name, address, t#, email) if it has not been entered before - if it has been entered before then it would be nice I can have that info appear with the least amount of repetitive typing/or entering data. This is all I need for now. On which TO should I build my layout around? (later I will also like to just enter numbers for calculations for the invoice amount such as 1 x day rate= amount, or 2 x day rate (for 2days) = amount, and then a total but is less important for now) For now, I've created 2 tables for my invoice database. 1st is the client Table with: id name (auto-enter serial #), name, address, tel#, fx#, email. 2nd table I have as the Invoice table with: id invoice (auto-enter serial #), id name (which I think I will use a foreign key to relate to the id name in the client TO), and date (with auto-enter creation date). From here on out how else should I approach this? Should I also create a separate table for "services rendered?" To be specific I am a photographer who just at this point invoices at a simple date rate with only 2-3 different price points and day rates depending upon the client/project. I have just started using Filemaker 8 now as well. -brian
  13. Actually, after writing my previous post I went back to an old layout I had where my Contact name layout actually showed the Comany name id (foreign key related to the Company name on the main table) - my current database has the foreign key omitted from the Contact name layout for aesthetic reasons, but I also thought it unnecessary to see since it was auto-entered and self managed through the portal on the main layout. So . . . . . I've found that if I put the find request for a specific Company name id with blank data it'll turn up "blank" as the label layout only calls for the name and address from the TO, but not the id. I couldn't see this since before with my current layout.
  14. . . . because I just can't seem to bring a blank field to appear. My label layout is sourced from a contact name TO (which is recorded through the contact name portal on the main company layout/table). As it is I have blank records on the main layout (except for tagged auto entry serial numbers on them) . . . . . when I put a search out for say two names, then add two more blank searches with the command/apple "N," the label layout preview will only show the two found names and just automatically omit the two blank search queries - i'm using the avery predefined layout if that helps or matters at all. **I figured that if I had records with minimal data entry such as period or comma then it'll at least register on a page so it will turn up on a query. -brian
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