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  1. Thanks for your reply. However the problem is the people that manage our office's network aren't on site and are generally crap at processing network requests. I can certainly try asking though. I don't neccessarily want to open via IWP but if I have no choice but to go through a VPN then you're suggestion of remote access would definately be better. I was just trying to think of simplistic solution without having to jump through hoops to speak with the network admin. What about ODBC to our domain hosting - or is that a whole new kettle of fish?
  2. Hi Guys, I have gone through the documentation to enable IWP and seem to have got this working through the local LAN no problem. However I want to be able to access this database from home, the problem is we're based in serviced offices and have a firewalled Corporate Network which I don't physically have access to (can't enable ports etc.) All I want to do is to share the database online, but the IWP host setup doesn't allow me to choose the IP address (URL) configuration, it simply picks my local IP address (which obviously cannot be accessed from outside). As I have no cont
  3. Thanks for your reply Queue. I hadn't tried either of those solutions, but have now and the Summary field from LineItems pasted into the Invoice layout has worked a treat Top Man!
  4. Sorry guys, I seem to be turning this into my own personal topic. But I thought it best to post here as the above gives a bit of background. I have, as explained above, got the portal working by reading in files from the line items table. The fields I have are Product ID, Product Name (description), Cost, QTY, Total. All of the fields read in directly from the Line Items table except the total field which is a calculation of the cost * qty fields. The only problem is I now want a total field for all the lines in the invoice together. I cannot work out how to do this at all because of
  5. Okay, scratch that last request. I seem to have found a way to display them through a portal that requests the relevant data from the Line Items table based on the invoice number. I hope this is the right way of doing it, if not - I'd be grateful for the advice. :D
  6. Ok, So I've now setup the relevant join table as suggested and ensured the field types are set so as the relationships work correctly. But I am still unsure as to how I should best implement the lines into the invoice. Am I to use repeating field lookups or a portal? It seems when I use a portal I cannot enter data into the Product ID field, and when using repeating field lookup and entering the product code (or using drop down table to select a code) the product name field isn't changing. I'm sure I've done something wrong but can't work out what. I've included a screen gr
  7. Thanks for your reply Fitch, I was using the BPK for guidance while incorporating invoices into our existing solution, however as I wasn't looking at the bigger picture of relationship types (one-to many, etc) I think I may have overlooked this and just expected it to work. I will give it a try and let you know if all works out. Thanks again.
  8. Hi Guys, My first post, so I'm sorry if it's in the wrong place. I have a small database that is already operational showing Customers and Products, I've been trying for the last couple of days to get invoicing working, with no luck. I'm trying to get the product name (Description) to show up from the Products Database when I input the product code (relations already created). Infact the solution I want is almost identical to the BPS invoice page. But it seems after the first line inputs correctly, any additional lines cause problems. I've got a copy of "The Missing Manual" w
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