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  1. Thanks for you patience Wim! I got it to work and cleaned up my folder structure a bit to make the whole think a bit more clean and simpel while I was at it. It makes the path-calculation a lot easier. For future reference if people are looking for a similar solution I've included the screenshots of my results: 1. The window that will send the mail 2. The window that calculates the path to the image file 3. The entire script to get it working! Thanks!
  2. I'm lost ... I've added two screenshots of what I have now but I can't get it to work. Been trying different options of all I could think of but not getting anywhere. Hope you can make sense of it Wim. It's probably something really dumb I've done but it would help a lot if I get to understand it and get it to work! Thanks!
  3. I'm staring blindly at a screen now after trying again ... I'll give it a rest until tomorrow and I'll let you know if I've gotten it to work Wim!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm trying to get attaching files go mails generated using FM17 to work. The idea is to attach a variable file to a mail-message generated for a specific record. The filename for the attachment is specific to the record and I've got a field that generates that filename (fileNamejpg01). I'm using the send mail option in a script (which is working) and the option to attach a file by giving a file path. That file path looks like this: file:../../../Desktop/werkmap/Beeldmateriaal/instagram/$fileNamejpg01 The variable part is "$fileNamejpg01" and I'm sure I'm doing so
  5. Hi Bruce, It's not the endfile I started with an old file that did the trick like it should but apparently something went wrong along the way. The question is about just the fields I mentioned in the first message. Hope someone can help with those Thanks, Peter
  6. Thanks for the explanation Lee! The file is added Peter samplecards.zip
  7. Hi Everyone, For most of two days I've been trying to get a FM12 database to import information from another FM12 database. Unfortunately I seem to be doing something wrong. The general idea is to import information from one field into different fields of the other database, based on a relationship. That part is working but ... if I leave the field that creates the relationship blank I still get some input in the field that should only be filled based on the relationship. Can't figure out how to get it to work so that field is left blank. The files it concerns can be found at: htt
  8. Thanks Stephen, That's the idea indeed, transferring the files to 11 but keeping 6 just in case I need to fall back. Most files I use for maintaining websites and it would be very inconvenient to be out for a few weeks while working out the kinks. Working with both versions alongside also gives me the chance to practise a bit first before I start transferring the actual files. Thanks, Peter
  9. Hi Everyone, Very soon I'll be transferring files from FM6 to FM11. I'm using some external plugins and expect some work to be done to transfer all files. I was wondering if it's possible to run both versions of FM alongside each other so I can take a couple of weeks to get all my files in order again? Thanks, Peter
  10. The problem is difficult i guess. I hope someone will still be able to help solve the problem. Thanks Peter
  11. I'm trying something new in a database that automatically compiles documents through relationships. What I already have got is a database that compiles lists of items from a another database based on a relationship, resulting in something like: [item 1 from other database] [item 2 from other database] [item 3 from other database] I've been doing this for some time and it works flawlessly. Now however i want to add a bit of information at the end of each originating from the datase i'm working in. Like this: [item 1 from other db][addition from current db] [item 2 from
  12. Thanks! I tried using seperate lay-outs as well as an adition to the script to go to the related field. They both work great for me. Peter
  13. Hello, For some time I've been using a script to copy the content of a portal to a textfield. It's been working great and I tried to take it to the next level by adding more portals and an equivalent number of textfields. The portals seem to be working without any problem. It seems however that the script to copy the content is only working correctly for the original portal. For the added portal only the first line is copied. Weird thing is that the first line is multiplied by the number of rows in the other (original) portal. The files can be found at: http://www.wijngaart.co
  14. Hi all, For some months I've been using two filemakerdatabases to generate html-code. Everything was working fine until the line of code became too long. I use a portal to get the data from another database. Using a valuelist I combined the related portalrows in a textfield. What happens now is that when the line gets too long it gets cutoff in this last step. The files can be found at: http://www.worldtravellinks.com/Countries.fp5 http://www.worldtravellinks.com/Hotels.fp5 In the first record of Hotel.fp5 I put more text in the field 'Hotel'. It results in cutoff text in
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