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  1. hi all i have a value table with 2500 records that one of the fields has a value list. in the value list there is 5 variables on off the called "unicode" i what to delete it. but if i delta from the list is is still saved in the record. how can i do a loop that will delete it from the records? thans dani
  2. Hello my partner what to do a file maker price quote for him self. and asked me for some help. the problem i have with what he want is he has 15 products and etch time he does a new quote all the items will be in the portal so he can go through them all. (so he can offer it to his client) what is the way to do this Tahnks dani
  3. Can please someone help me with this i am stuck with this. I am trint to get from json Data the location (Lng & Lag). Thanks Dani
  4. HI i can see the demo. but i do not under stand how to work with the Position and Middle.
  5. thanks but i sill can get it to work for me. can some pelase send me a demo
  6. Thank you for the help. i read about the functions but do not understand how to do it.
  7. Hello I have a json date i get from URL and i whant to extract date from it. That data is lan and log. how can i do it.
  8. Thank You Very Much. Small question , it work when i create a new record, but in a existent record how can i prevent that it will not be able to changed if lockup ="yes". thanks Dani
  9. Hello to all I have to layout that his date of a main company and i have a layout of the branches. in the main company there is record named lockup that is off or on. i what that if the main company the lockup filed is = "yes" then in layout branches it will lockup from filed price. but if in layout main company the lockup filed is = "No" i will be able to enter a price @ the Brach layout. Thank you Dani
  10. $pdffile="imagemac:/mac/Users/user1/Desktop/to/Cliant/902/1638.tiff"
  11. hello i need some help: I am trying to run a script that will insert a pdf file to a field container . the script goes like this filepath ="imagemac:/mac/Users/usera/Desktop/to/Cliant/902/1638.pdf" goto field = [pdffile] insert image [$pdffile] at the end of the i get a empty filed no file is in the field , i did a check by GetAsText ( pdffile ) what am i doing wrong. Thank you dani
  12. hi have a calculation the gives the a image path. exmp:" imagemac:/mac/Users/danirub/Desktop/to/Cliant/11131/1693.tiff" why i can not see the image in the filed? thanks Dani
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