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  1. I can help you with the loop which will keep going until all the records in your found set are processed: Go to Record/Request/Page [First] Loop Execute SQL [No dialog; DSN: wvaadb; Calculated SQL Text: "UPDATE alumnus SET LastName='" & myFMPDatabase::LastName & "', FirstName = '" & myFMPDatabase::FirstName & "', Address1 = '" & myFMPDatabase::Address1 & "' " & " WHERE AlumnusID = " & myFMPDatabase::AlumnusID] Go to Record/Request/Page [Next; Exit after last] End Loop However, I have not had success with getting the correct MySQL syn
  2. I've been working on the same problem... I have not solved it yet. I have connected to my MySQL database using Actual Technologies' Driver and that seems to be working fine, but when I try to UPDATE the MySQL database from FileMaker it returns a MySQL syntax error. Any help would be appreciated. I know that I can export as a CSV file and import into my MySQL database, but I would much rather have a convenient script!
  3. Aha! I had put the container field in the background instead of the calculation field- then changed the Graphic... to Enlarge. Now it works!
  4. I think I must be doing something wrong- the container field I created, and then put a color into each repetition. I then resized it and made it into my background but the other colors were still present to the right. There must be a place where I choose only to view one repetition at a time, right? The calculation did not change anything probably because of the set up of the container field... As in the example from the other post, I changed the field setup to display 1 repetition. The calculation does not work yet though.
  5. What if I wanted the background color to be changed by more than one thing? For instance: radio button- Deceased (Yes, No) Grey drop down- Category (Alumnus, Friend, Family) Red, Green, Brown Of course deceased grey should take priority over the other colors. How could I do that?
  6. That is SO COOL! In my database your formula was actually Case(Deceased = "Yes"; BackgroundColor) because that is how I set up the fields. I include that because it might help clarify for others who are checking this out. Thank you very much.
  7. I would like to change the background color in my contacts database to reflect if someone has died, i.e. when the radio button for Deceased? is marked Yes then the background colors would change to grey or black. Is this possible?
  8. Brilliant! Thank you! Now going forward- if I define the database field as auto-enter Data: Alumnus will the default be set as Alumnus and it can be changed by using a value list of Alumnus, Family, or Friend?
  9. I have an existing contacts database for an alumni association, and I would like to create several catagories for the contacts. The primary one will be Alumnus of course, but I would also like to be able to change it to Friend or Family. So I am assuming that this should not therefore be a global text field. And I would like to populate the current records with the default value of Alumnus. How can I do this?
  10. An interesting side note- I have been reading the Missing Manuals FileMaker Pro 8 book and they say "Of course showing the first and last name is the best way to find the right customer but the dialog box lest you pick only one field" I'm glad that I didn't think that what we did was not possible before we figured out how to do it! I'm going to go to their website and report our work-around.
  11. Here is a clone of the database- the file was too big to send it with records. For the benefit of the forum I changed AlumnusID to ContactID in the discussion. It seemed to me that in its generic form it might be more relevant to others with similar problems. This is a work in progress! Thanks! If you would like the populated db just send me an email and I'll send it to you. wvaadbClone.fp7.zip
  12. No, let me be clear- the auto-complete function works only when you have a single value list field (not ID and Name for example). The problem with going at it directly and not through a portal is that there are several contacts which are identified in the photos and I wanted to try a way which would automatically display the IDs- I thought that a look-up field might work in this way. Is there a way to create a calculation which makes the new field: calcultedname= FirstLastName from contact table using the photographed table's ContactID Sounds crazy, no? I know I'm over-complicati
  13. This solves several issues- thank you! I have been playing with creating a second portal next to the first which would display the name associated with the ID- not a bad idea, huh? So I created a ContactName look-up in the reference table. Unfortunately this did not seem to work, either with the ID being a calculation or as a text field. I have now changed it so that the ID and name displays from the value list- thanks! It is too bad that the drop down/edit box cannot auto complete when there are two fields being referenced, but I understand why that option is greyed out
  14. Upon experimenting with a looked-up ID, it now places the result of course into the portal of the Photos table. This is almost the same result as if I had created the two field value list option which then put the ContactID number into the reference table (which is one of the things I want!) Now what I am thinking is that either of these methods are good to place the ContactID in the reference field and then set the display of the field to be FirstLastName from the contact table. This way the underlying data will be the ID and the displayed data will be the name associated with the ID. So
  15. So how would that work in my example? The value list is populated with the calculation field FirstLastName from the contact table. When a name is chosen it that entry ends up in the reference table which should be the ContactID (and the PhotoID). What gets put there however is the the full name from FirstLastName. It does reference the correct record because I can make the ContactID be show there instead- but what is the actual entry in the reference table? I need it to be the ContactID so that I can export it to a mysql database.
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