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  1. Were using Epson LX-300+ II with 4-part forms fm8 works well for years. Narrow Carriage 9-Pin Dot Matrix Printer * Speed: up to 300cps (10cpi) * Prints up to 5-part forms * Versatile paper paths
  2. SORRY ADDITIONAL WHAT IF I WANT 2 THINGS TO SHOW UP HOW WILL I PUT THE FIELDS TO THE REPORT Go to layout ["report" (licenses)] Enter Find Mode [] SEt Field [description; "PHILIPPINE"] [color:red]SEt Field [description; "US VISA"] Perform Find [] Enter Preview Mode [] WRONG DATA ARE SHOWING THANKS test.fp7_2.zip
  3. mr_vodka thanks you very much i finally understand it. [color:red] SOME OF IT
  4. I'm having a hard time explaining it so heres a sample file hope you look at it. I do not know if i have to make a calculation field for each date to i can put it in the report layout? thanks again test.fp7.zip
  5. Hi Guys, I have two tables related to each other. On the first layout shows records from (table1) I have a portal(table2) also. What i want to do is make a report second layout shows records from (Table1) and show a specific record from (table2). ex. one person many licenses Table1 -------- person1 Table2 ------- License1 License2 License3 Report----- Name | License ------ -------- person1 | License2 I hope you can understand what i'm trying to explain. Thank
  6. Thanks for the reply, hope you don't get tired of helping us less fortunate..hehe Thanks again u 2
  7. Hi Fenton, I followed your suggestion and it worked fine here's sample of the script. Question again, what if I have to add another privilege? Get(PrivilegeSetName)="201" what is the syntax for adding condition Ex. ="201" "Accounting" etc... Thanks again Fenton for the reply
  8. Hi All, I disabled some of my scripts using Accounts & Privileges. Scripts are attached to a button, when ever i click the button a message pops up. My question is, how can i disable the error message? I tried putting Set Error Capture[on] to the script but error message still pops up. Thanks all.
  9. Hi Guys can you help me with a calculation base on my excel formula. I need to get the difference between the data that i input yesterday from the data today. Sample of my excel file. [Date] [RCBC] [cDifference] Thanks
  10. Hi Bob, Sorry for the late reply Thanks for the advice tried it and worked fine, but is there a way i can make a field or fields that i can put in a layout and use browse mode to see the same data as in preview mode. Thanks again.
  11. Hi all, I'm trying to make a Statistics for my DB. Example: Status............Rank =======....====== Onboard.......Master Onboard.......A/B Ex-crew.........Master RIP..............Cook Ex-crew.........Master Onboard.......Master Onboard.......Cook Result: Onboard Master = 2 Cook = 1 A/B = 1 Ex-Crew Master = 2 Cook = 0 A/B = 0 RIP Master = 0 Cook = 1 A/b = 0 Out of my example I need to show this to my layout for a quick glance on the stats and also so i can put i
  12. Hi All, I am trying to make a multiple conditional list with my address table and following the Example by John Mark Osborne, still I can't make it to work or maybe I do not know what I am doing. http://www.fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/178697/ I attached my 2 FM file 1. Crew File 2. Philippine Zips And please check my data structure Thank you in advance... Altair Forever Newbie FILEMAKER_CSI.zip
  13. I already Solved my problem, Thanks all for viewing Answer to my problem: I mapped the folder for the pictures and I used "Open URL" to open the file. Files will be opened by a Picture viewer on the client PC. Needed For quick viewing and printing of document. Host mac osx(running filemaker8 and hosting picture douments) Client PC win: map Drive (H:) So, File path must be (file:/H:/xxxx.jpg) on table::file_path Altair
  14. Hi All, I have a problem with "Open URL" when I connect to my DB using open remote file. What I did is made a file (Table::File_Path). Now when I click a button"Open URL" that will point to the file_path Field and open a .jpg document. It worked fine locally, but when I Turned on the sharing and connect the other PC using remote, the Open URL do not work anymore. Is there other way that I can open .jpg files that resides in the host PC. Or can anyone suggest of a script to do this. I wanted to post my file but its big. Thanks in advance. again newbie forever
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