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  1. How can I get record count in a portal
  2. If I can trigger a script in any calculation field in Archive It will cary CustomerCode data to the any standart indexed field. So I can do relation Sorry for my English
  3. I want to carry the data of the calculation field(Customer Code in Archive) to an idexed field. So I can see whole customer actions in the table of Selected_Archive.
  4. Thanks for the arrangements but I see only details of the payment Still sales details absent Can you offer me some alternatives?
  5. The users notice the mistakes after input the portal records data. So They want to change.
  6. When I changed the data of related fields (Date, Code Number or Firm) The records of portal disappeared How can I solve the problem? Thankz Study_Portal.zip
  7. Is it possible a sort of summary in text fields
  8. I want to get Index from only in found records and I want to type all in one line (or a sort of summary field) with comma
  9. I want to get Index from only found records. Can I do?
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