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  1. Hello all! I hope everyone is looking forward to a pleasant holiday. I'm wondering if Im thinking about this properly. I have set up the following tables: event, employee, employee attendance. The event table is the "master table" I would like to have a portal that displays "active employees that are paid on a daily rate" That should come from the Employee table and the filtering I have set up works properly. I then would like to make new records in "employee attendance". It would be great if I could do so with the found set of the above filtered portal so I wouldn't have to
  2. I have added Ical event creation to my solution using some of Starks sample code and have added some additional trial and error applescript. What I have come up with works great. The one thing I lack is the ability to overwrite an existing event if I need to update information. When I update in FMP and push the info I create duplicate events. I have read a couple of threads on something similar but have yet to find a solution. I have tried having FM create a "UID" but it doesn't seem to fly with Ical. The one post I recall is Fenton Jones lending a hand. I just can't seem to grasp
  3. Hello all. I have been trying to find something similar for the past couple of hours and have come up empty handed.. Here is what I am trying to do: I am working with 1 table 2 layouts. say the record date is 4/11/2011 - field is "TomoWakeUpCall" (text field) entered as 4:30 am on 4/12/2011 I would like the feild "WakeUpCall" to auto enter 4:30 am (and viceversa would be excellent) - if I entered it on the 12th instead of the 11th. I do have a calc field - DayAdd1(date+1) that works but can't put my finger on how to do the same with the WakeUpCall field(s) I'm ba
  4. Would you still have to obtain a key if you didnt have a website? I would like to make a distance finder based off of the top result on google maps direction search as opposed to a lat/lon " as the crow flies" distance finder. I can't seem to find one that works the way Im thinking so I can dissect and figure out what makes it tick... any ideas? I did make a web viewer that pulls the desired info now but getting that info takes about 3 steps, I have to do a manual entry and the page doesnt look good with what Ive designed... Im not being too picky am I...
  5. My apologies, I assumed I wouldn't have to say due to where this is posted. Thing of it is: it's not the pane on the side its the pausing of the whole page that seems to be waiting on a "commit"- I'm guessing. Is it normal for the solution to act in this manner?
  6. Here is what I'm looking at. Again, I didn't notice it until today. So, anytime I go to a new record and click on a field this is what comes up. While I have you.. Im also wondering about a good read to give me some insight on reporting. This image is a report and there should be a month field (calc), the only thing that I can figure is the month and most of the other reports are sorted by calculation fields. Is this the issue here?
  7. I just noticed something: When I go to modify field contents there seems to be a pause and the status area shows I'm editing, shows "current record" and is waiting for a submit step. (displays a button to submit) I dont think Ive noticed this before. Does that sound correct? Have I overlooked something?
  8. Hey there all, I'm trying to decide if grabbing smartpill is the right thing for me to do. I have no initial knowledge of PHP but I would like to have my solution hosted online. I have found that I will have to spend some more time learning about how to display my reports properly when viewing online. I would like the ability to print those reports and would probably like to have them come up as .pdf files. Uploading files I also something I would like to do and I already knew I could do that with some PHP code. I assume that with smartpill I would write that code in filemaker
  9. Yeah this one is a tricky one. I agree I need to sit down with my accountant and sales staff and do alot more homework before attempting to tackle this one. I have asked around and the answer has been pretty close to the same if I'm looking to go as in depth as the idea I have in my mind. Thank you both for taking the time to follow up.
  10. yeah, luckily all of these items don't have that long of a run. usually about 1 year. I could look into doing something like writing a script that would jump to the next item number when the current inventory was depleted and start pulling from the new items inventory with the new pricing. I really did feel like adding new items with new item numbers would probably be the only way to go to get the the calculated (profits, etc) data as close to accurate as possible. Thanks for your help!
  11. Thanks for your response, although I don't really understand how a look up will help me here. Would you mind giving me an idea of what you meant so I can properly look into this? Thanks for your help.
  12. Can anyone give me an idea of what I should do: I am going to start building an inventory / daily sales solution that will run a little different that the norm. what I am trying to figure out is how I should go about correctly figuring out profits if the cost of my items change from time to time? Initially there will be set up costs added to the cost of the first order. But after time there is a possibility the unit cost will change after a few orders of the same item. say 5.00 the first time 4.75 the next couple of times and then maybe 4.00 there after. If this happens is it
  13. hey all, I'm having trouble figuring out why my populated container field wont display properly. I was cruising thru a calendar tutorial the second time around and im stuck in the same spot. I've created a container field, populated it, and then created a TO just as the tutorial specified but each time I have done this I havent been able to see the square that is in the container field by going to the field in the TO. I did notice that I was doing a fmpro9 advanced tutorial while using fmpro9. There shouldnt be a difference there if im simply creating container fields, right? Have i m
  14. dbfreak

    Portal Advice

    Thank you both very much. It sounds like I would have been extremely frustrated after all that work and then learning that about reporting. We did have a layout and a whole mess of fields and calculations put together that worked out pretty well with the exception of an small scripting error. I was sure the portal would save some space and work as needed. I am so glad I asked first! Thanks for the hint on the threads too! Have a great weekend! ric
  15. dbfreak

    Portal Advice

    Hello all, I hope everyone is well and in good spirits! I'm looking for some direction/advice. I have just started working on an inventory solution/daily sales log. I just wanted to make sure I can accomplish what I'm after using a portal or portals. I have attached what we have been using to keep track of daily sales. (its a .pdf of an excel file) I would like to have my portal automatically display all the active items and look pretty close to the attached file. I threw a quick portal together and the drop down method works fine but i would like to make what Im working on as clos
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