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  1. Do I need a specific odbc driver? At MySql I could only find a general odbc connector/driver, which actually would be available for Mac as well. Now I assume this won't be working then....
  2. thanks John. The database will be hosted through a FM Server 10 on Windows XP. That would mean that we have to install the Windows ODBC Drivers, wouldn't it?
  3. I've read several threads in this forum and on support pages on connecting FMP to MySQL databases and I've got completely confused. I watched the filemaker support video http://www.filemaker.com/support/technologies/mysql.html?ovmkt=04D97B5467B9451E9C686F76B3C80C44 We have FMP 10 on Mac and Windows XP and an FM Server 10 running on Windows XP. Now we need to access and manipulate data of a MySQL database on an external server. Where do I get the ODBC drivers? Do I really need to buy the drivers from actualtechnologies for Mac? And more important: How does it work with Windows?
  4. I tried the pilcrow ¶ but I didn't get anywhere. The email would be sent through the mail client and should look like Dear Mr. Xxxx, I'm refering to our.... in the script I created it looks like: "Dear Mr. " &contact::nameLast&", " &contactLog::notes&"" which obviously tranlates into Dear Mr. Xxxx, I'm refering to our.... which is wrong. How would I have to bring the pilcrow into the script so Filemaker would accept it and the mail client would translate it into a line break? I tried &¶& but FMP doesn't accept this. I put
  5. this seems extremely stupid. I created a script to send automatically an email to the current contact. It's evaluating whether it is Mr. or Ms etc. and then it inserts the text of a certain field as body of the email. My problem is: I need to insert a line break between "Dear Mr....." and the body text and I just can't work it out how to do it.
  6. FMP 10 has the feature to save finds. That's great. It also offers to insert "operators". also great. One operator I'm missing is the "or" operator. Of course I can search, let's say for the name Smith first, then I do another search for the name Johnson and choose "extend found set". But I can't save such a found set. Or am I wrong? In my existing version I built in a very quick and very dirty solution, which is copying and saving the IDs of all found records. When I heard about the "Save Finds" option in FMP10 I was so happy. But now I found that it still can't save "OR" requests. So
  7. Well, it even works for me now! We changed some things in our network and changed to vdsl and got a fix IP address. Now it works without problems. With this changes we also moved from a motorola to a zyxel router where we were able to configure the firewall to open port 5003. Somehow I couldn't configure the firewall on the two routers we had before. Maybe that did the trick.
  8. still doesn't work with me. i got our it supporter into it. we got a new router, configured it to forward port 5003. we have a dynamic ip, we have an account at dynDNS and the service works. We can access the PC with the FM Server through Internet (ftp). Only accessing it through FM Pro client does not work. no way. I tried from different computers, Windows XP and MacOS X operated, through different Internet connections. I even tried using the current IP number. What else can I do? Access within the LAN works great, no problems there.
  9. Hi there We started to use a FMP solution for our contact data management. Therefore, I imported data from various excel docs and somehow together with the import of the contact data some style data was imported too. Means: when I go through the FMP database now the data appears in different styles on the layouts. Text in the field is sometimes grey, sometimes black, sometimes arial, sometimes some other lettertype. It hurts my eyes and it looks unprofessional. How can I force the data to be showed in the style I defined when creating the layouts? Do I have to write a script and le
  10. i have a contact db solution with contact and contact log tables. usually one does make an entry, adding a new log and the log already comes with a timestamp of the creation date. now we have to enter manually a large list of entries, especially log entries made on paper during the last 6 months so: how can i override the timestamp entry in the log? The best solution would be: adding a new log record the timestamp enters automatically but the typing person could still change the field data. thnx.... hans
  11. Well, I understood the solution of Brian C exactly. everything makes sense, but when I implement it, it doesn't work. First problem: The Script "Store find via Copy" does copy the ID numbers of the found set. That's ok. But somehow it doesn't paste it into the field on the other table. Second problem: When I paste the number (as I wrote above: the IDs wer copied by the script) manually through left mouse key and "paste" into the IDMultikey-field, the ID numbers appear in the IDMultikey-field, but also in the ID-field where automatically a serialnumber should enter. I don't get
  12. Hi there! I have a contact db with a contact table and a related contactLog table. Now I wanted to duplicate a record as I had a new contact (Let's say: Mr. Smith) related to the same company with the same address as another one (let's say: Mr. Miller) I already had in files and changed only the name and phone number. Well, now I started to make entries in the log to Mr. Smith's data and afterwards I got the shock: The same Log entry I made for Mr. Smith was also added to the Log of Mr. Miller. How can I resolve that bug? I attach the relationship graph of the two tables in question
  13. now i'm getting bold: would it be possible to let FM show a dialogue popup where the user can give a name to the found set to be stored under? thanks hans
  14. thanks an awful lot! really! after studying your file, I thought it would work like you described in your last post. I'm really grateful for your help! hans
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