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  1. Thank you again for your help. Based on your comments, I have added: 1. Calculated fields in Sales (one for each department - suit count, sportcoat count, etc) which holds 1 if the transaction is a sale, -1 if a return. 2. Relationship between Customer and Sales based on Year&CustomerNumber 3. Defined the "TY Suits sold box" as Sum(SuitCount) - using the Year&CustomerNumber relationship I will have to create additional relationships for each year to be evaluated (this year to (this year - 10) for a 10 year study. Is there a more efficient way of doing this? Do
  2. I realize I need to give a fuller overview of this project. The overall goal is to study customers, not to track merchandise. I am importing sales records from our inventory system and using filemaker to study customer patterns. There is a file for customers (shown below), and a file for transactions, a file for referrals. Each of the files are joined by customer number. I am looking at customer behavior over a minimum of 10 years back and maintaining the sales statistics on an ongoing basis. It is important for our sales associates to see the statistics on the fly as a customer walks thr
  3. I am having a tough time getting the set field by name script step to work and hoping someone can help me with this. I have a file of sales transactions over many years. I have a related file for customers. The customer file has counters for how many times a customer visits each year, how many suits, sportcoats, etc. they buy each year ( visits_2017, visits_2016, visits_2015, suit_count_2017, suit_count_2016, suit_count_2015 and so forth). I would like my script to evaluate the year of the transaction in sales and update the appropriate counter in customers. I have been unsuccessfu
  4. OK, I like the idea of using the webviewer to capture the file. I can assign the ftp address to get to the data, how do I structure the GetLayoutObjectAttribute to return data? My calculation, GetLayoutObjectAttribute("webdatafiles";"content") where webdatafiles is the name of the web viewer, did not return anything. Thank you
  5. I'm not sure I understand. The data is on our website as a delimited text file. My goal is to import the file and parse the data. How can I use the web browser to accomplish? Unfortunatly, the file is not XML compatible.
  6. I am updating a database from filemaker 5 to 8.5. In the prior version I use TCPit to import sales records from our website directly into filemaker. TCPit does not work with the new intel macs (yet). Any other suggestions? Thank you.
  7. I am creating a database which will accept new orders and look to older, shipped orders and last names to see if the new order is from a prior customer. This will allow me to assign the prior customer ID number rather than a new one. The relationship is order_status="shipped" AND lastname = lastname. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. Only the lastname match seems to work, not the order_status=shipped. Any thoughts? I am using FMP 8.5 on a Mac. InternetVenturesDownloadExp.fp7.zip
  8. I am working on a report to show sales figures for this week vs. last week vs. 2 weeks ago vs. 3 weeks ago, etc. Week: This week last week 2 week ago 3 week ago ... website 1 $A $B $C $D dept 1 $E $F $G $H ... dept 2 dept 3 website 2 dept 1 dept 2 dept 3 ... LaRetta and kjoe taught me how to standardize the weeks into buckets. Now in order to fill out the rest of the report I have to create a separate relationship for each statistic. That is, to summarize sales for $A, I have a r
  9. Is there a way to report over multiple time periods? For instance, this week's sales vs. 1 week ago vs. 2 weeks ago vs. 3 weeks ago vs. 4 weeks ago? I am using filemaker 5, 5.5, and 6 on Mac OS 9 and OS-X Thank you.
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