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  1. I would turn off "Allow User Abort" which enables the user to cancel the script, and add a dialog box into the script at the point where the user might cancel it. If the user then clicks on "Cancel" in the box, you can capture it and exit the script. If the user clicks OK, then he must be satisfied with the email and it would then be sent.
  2. Sunshein

    Send Email Script

    I found that when sending large numbers of emails, and depending on your system and email software, it may help to add a 1 to 6 second pause in the script between emails. Filemaker often will run the script faster than some email program can handle.
  3. I have been using MacUSA.com, and have been very satisfied.
  4. You're right. Only one swap is needed. If C="No" then it should do nothing. Although in your example, doesn't the result of C="Yes" leave the values for A and B both equal to A, and the original value of B is lost. Thus it is not a "swap" but maybe just a replacement of value.
  5. The script steps I posted, I believe, answer the original question, although it seems like I am missing something. Please explain.
  6. OK, 'comment', maybe the word "reverse" was not the right choice, but in helping a beginning I will gladly post the alternative answer choice so no thinking is necessary. If(C="No") Set Variable ($D;Value:$D=A) Set Field(A;: Set Field(B;$D) End If
  7. A simple way would be: If(C="Yes") Set Variable ($D;Value:$D=: Set Field(B;A) Set Field(A;$D) End If And the reverse for "No"
  8. In thinking about the method for comparing times, consider (search for) the events which start one day and end a day later. Then continue your script to compare (in a loop) all events in that set to events which occur during that following day.
  9. One of the main concerns with IWP database layouts is spacing, especially when creating it on a Mac. If you don't have a PC to test the IWP site, check it using a lesser screen resolution. You need to allow more space for text, larger field boxes, etc. for PC users. Tabs should work fine. And, don't include many graphics or photos since some users will have a problem loading them.
  10. If you put the fields in the header at the top and use a fairly standard table layout, it would be easier than doing it vertically. You could also add names to your identification numbers (lines) or use an "X"or a solid color in the box indicating work accomplished. Maybe also include a brightly colored box if the project requires a particular task and a different color if it is not an applicable task.
  11. When I use a drop-down menu, I like to see the selection I made from the list before I go on. Sometimes I could get the one above or below the selection I actually want. So, if I were doing your particular example, I would want to make the selection, see it, then click a go button to get the desired results. It may be easier than getting results which are incorrect and having to come back to the drop down menu and start over again. I suspect you know the script to do it would be Enter Find Mode, Set Field, and Perform Find.
  12. If you want to print letters to sent out by regular mail, seems like you could simply print them directly form Filemaker rather than to mail merge them into another program. You could include the envelopes in that process also.
  13. John, Filemaker Pro Server 9 Advanced can handle up to 250 simultaneous users. As you said, your ticket sales are desktop sales thus I doubt you need to change from Filemaker Pro. I would guess your server is a bit slow and possibly your database is not formatted properly which may be causing a slow down in processing. .... and you're writing to the forum from ..... where .....?
  14. There was a plugin for Filemaker Pro up to version 7 which did the conversions very nicely and sold for $99. out at AU, I believe. It is still listed under LatitudeZERO if you do a search and include the words Filemaker Pro. I did not buy it.
  15. With the multiple contacts (emails) idea, I would use 2 buttons each having its own script. The one button could send to the multiple addresses you often use, and the other could send one at a time using a pull-down menu of email addresses. Both should enter new records in a related table for the portal I suggested above.
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