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  1. Attached is the crash log Crash log.rtf
  2. I have an odd problem that I cannot figure out. I am running FM 13 over a LAN and also remotely from another location. The problem is that I have a container field that I set to the path of a pdf to display the pdf. It works well locally but it crashes FM when used remotely. It doesn't do it immediately, allowing me to set the field several times. It usually crashes on the third attempt. Re-starting FM allows me to repeat this process, again crashing on the third attempt. It is not my computer as it occurs with other computers. It generates several pages of a crash report which is in
  3. I store PDF's and also scan directly into a filemaker database. For scanning I was using Insidescan but the developer has lost interest in it and it has not been update in years. Currently I am using Scantango with a Fujitsu scanner and it works very well
  4. Can anyone tell me if portal sorting is any easier in FM13? I would like to sort a portal by clicking on a header name in the portal. I have seen various techniques which look complicated joseph
  5. Holy *******! Worked like a charm Many many thank you's
  6. Hi everyone I have the need to parse some data but am not sure how to do it. I would appreciate some advice. I have a text field with data e.g. /Volumes/Documents/jsl/Referrals/EP15849245201392441jsl.pdf I would like to grab this data and place it in a variable but strip out the "/Volumes" part Can anyone suggest how I can do this?
  7. Yes I am aware of this but I would I have an already built solution that I would like to keep happening without major modification
  8. Hi everyone, I have what I hope is a basic question. I have been storing PDF's in a network drive (Synology NAS) and storing the file path to these PDF's in a text field. I have then been displaying these PDF's in a container field by using the plugin "insidescan". How can I do away with this plugin and still display the PDF in the container field? The field is a global container field used purely for display Joseph
  9. Ok. That explains a few things. Shell script is outside of my expertise. Will have to use something like carbon copy cloner to achieve that. Thank you for your reply. It is much appreciated Joseph
  10. Hi all I have a very basic question. I have a sonology NAS that i would like to use for my file backup from my server. The server is called "DocumentServer" and t appears in my sidebar. It has an ip address of I cannot seem to create a FMS schedule to back up to it. I get a "file path not valid" message. I wish to back up to a folder called "database". My file path is filemac:/DocumentServer/database. Can some one advise me what the correct syntax should be please Joseph
  11. I have finally got somewhere. It turns out that I can launch the admin console if I access the server from a separate computer on the same network. The java applet is downloaded which I have to double click on to launch it. The sam will not happen if I try this from the server on which FMS is running. That is to say, the Java applet does not download at all. At least I am operational but still puzzled why the Java applet won't download on the two servers that I have tried installing it on. I have checked that I do not have some setting in my browser preference that is blocking it, and as far
  12. I do mean FMS 12.4 and I did see this post about the Deployment assistant may not opening automatically. However double-clicking the admin_console_webstart.jnlp file doesn't help because it just hangs. Have also tried http:<your-fmserver-ip>:16000 and it doesn't work either. (Tried on two separate machines)
  13. The Java 6 installer downloads and installs Ok. Is that what you mean? I also tried installing it on a MacMini server with a fresh install of Mountain Lion Server and it does exactly the same thing
  14. I urgently need help with Filemaker server 12. I run a medical practice and have attempted to install filemaker server 12 latest v4. It installs Ok and then launches the start page but the admin console will not start. It displays a "Click here if console does not Start" but nothing happens. I have the most current version of OSX and have updated Java. Have also tried deleting the Java cache but all to no avail. Does anyone have any ideas what I can try? I am at my wits end Joseph
  15. Hi I am already hosting my file on FMS.
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