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  1. I would like to know this too. Anyone out there running FM on a notebook ? How sluggish is it when opening and sorting large 10000-20000 records tables ?
  2. bcooney, Lee, sd, Thank you. Thank you ... great suggestions indeed. I have been looking into them all. Best, Thomas
  3. Vaughan ! I was able to find the hardware acceleration slider (it was in the "troubleshoot" menu, while I was looking all over the place in the nVidia control panel). Yes, you were correct. When I move the slider all the way to "none" Filemaker performance increases dramatically. To anyone else having the same problems ... these are the settings that worked for me. Judging by the description on that slider, it seems the only difference between the two settings is the DirectDraw and Direct3d. So these two accelerations may have a conflict with Filemaker ?
  4. Thanks, I will look into it ... although, with these newer nVidia drivers, there is no longer any "Hardware acceleration" slider per-se. There is a "Performance vs Quality" slider, but it does not have any effect on the particular FM flicker issue. I will look furhter.
  5. Hi all, Filemaker 9 flickers a lot while minimizing windows and it takes a while to select tables. On a brand new database with a single table ... when I open the Manager (the table chart-view) and click on a table, I can literally watch it GROW the orange glowing highlight rectangle. It draws it in slow motion starting from the inside perimeter and then adding progressively more transparent rectangles to form a gradient. Has anyone else experienced something like this ? This is what it looks like on a default template file: http://home.comcast.net/~doehtal-rx8/FileMakerFlicker/FilemakerFlicker.htm Is this normal ? Personally, I don't think I can work like this; especially in the "Manage Database" window, which flickers too when minimizing other applications. My actual working database has a little less than a hundred tables ... can you imagine filemaker trying to refresh all those ... and then DO IT OVER three times at least to complete its flicker cycle every time ?
  6. Hi all, There is a "description" field that may have a single line of text ... or 20 pages of text (it could be book chapters). I would like to have a report that expands or contracts in length; depending on the contents of this field. In form-view this field has a scroll-bar to access the rest of its content, but it will only print the visible text in the field box.
  7. Curious how the experts are organizing their scripts. In the beginning it made a lot of sense to organize all scripts thematically by function (scripts that add new records, scripts that sort records, scripts that popup selection windows, script to do common tasks etc) ... however, after a year and 120 layout later, the thematic approach proved quite cumbersome to me. It became difficult to maintain, to add new things, and generally to follow the script logic and all its calls after you've forget how (or why) you did certain things originally. It is starting to feel like one tangled mesh of spaghetti. Currently, I am experimenting with a "per layout" scripting method. (Each layout is one script divided into sections, based on a template). It remains to be seen if that approach will help. What scripting habits / organizing have you found to be most efficient ? -Thomas
  8. aaah ! "Select Window" ... <-- yes that was it (and it doesn't spawn multiple copies). Thanks for the quick responses "Comment" and LaRetta -) Much appreciated ! Season Greetings Thomas
  9. Actually, there are three problems here: 1. Identical settings behave differently in the regular GTRR versus scripted GTRR (when no new window is specified) 2. The behavior of the current GTRR is suspect itself (as you noted); because it does not force the user to select the "Show in New Window" option and yet it does use a new window. 3. The current behavior of the regular GTRR is what I am after, but cannot be achieved by the scripted version ... because: Notice with the regular GTRR if you click the second red box multiple times, then you always get the same window. (this is very good. Exactly what I need) Now if you specify the option to "Show in New Window" then any repeated button-presses will spawn a multitude of identical windows crowding the screen; (this is not good in my case, it is an undesirable effect).
  10. Hi all, If you unzip the attachment and ... 1. Open the "TestMe.fp7" file (FM9 pro). 2. Click on the first red field 3. Click on the second red field The result is not the same. Actually I get nothing with step (2). Is this a bug you think ? Thanks, Thomas Discrepancy.zip
  11. Lee, Good idea -) This, printing to PDF, will do just fine. (and still I can do keyword searches in it) Its perfect ! Thanks again, -T
  12. Hi all, In Filemaker 7 pro ... is there a way to export a script as text ? For reasons: 1. To have a printout 2. To do some keyword searches on some long scripts Thanks -T
  13. YES ! Fantastic ! It worked like a charm ! Thank you Gentlemen ???
  14. Lee, That looks like it will solve my problem. You have an interesting use of "New record request" which I did not know before. But I want to make sure. It does not create a new physical record ? Is it only a temporary thing while inside the find mode ?
  15. oops I made an error earlier. What I meant to say was that we want the final found set to contain records whose field 'A' contains the number (say) either 131 or 101. So both 131 and 101 will be in the found set. If we do a sequential constrain (first for 131 and then for 101), the first found set will have eliminated all 101 entries and there will be nothing left to constrain to in the second step.
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