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  1. The sets are for the currently available version PLUS ONE (to be used for ETS etc.) and won't change once published. And I have a clear idea how it should look, therefore I don't care what FMI is using (icons and color shouldn't be done by interns…) HTH
  2. While it may take a while (and more than one time listening to Agnès explanations… ;o) to fully understand what she has done it is definitley worth trying it out! It is not only a different way of thinking about storing and handling elements/code of a solution, it is also challenging to get behind all that in a positive way! Go and check it out! :o)
  3. Hi all, it took a while to get this done but now I'm pleased to announce the "DevCon 2015" edition of a pack of Replacement icons for Filemaker from 11 to 14… well, to save work it is for the next version too (not sure if it's called 15 ;o) Download is FREE Have fun pixi
  4. Hi voltron2112 thanks for sharing your file. Some thoughts I'd like to share here: - Why are there sometimes "Single Step" and not "Perform Script" only? I would help much to find all actions in the Script Workspace - While the Tooltips are self-explanatory I guess it may help to get more info somewhere what the button does (e.g. why becomes a SVG kind of reset when it has grown a certain size) - Displaying some informations about the icons itself (current size etc.) might be a good idea. - Adding tags in an easier fashion would certainly help to better handle the icons. - Importing own SVG icons is definitely a plus. Just my 2 Cents :o)
  5. Interesting read: https://css-tricks.com/understanding-and-manually-improving-svg-optimization/?utm_content=buffer4d8b8&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  6. At least there is hope! :o)
  7. Runtime DEPRECATED?

    ​While this is by far not representative it may help to get a slight idea… https://community.filemaker.com/polls/1227 And isn't "FMIs own business" selling software to developers?
  8. Mirrored or Flipped Text

    Simply which method is more useful/recommended to use.
  9. Mirrored or Flipped Text

    The zip above contains a fmp12 as the ase for further tests (or to show my testing source) and 4 pdf showing the results of my tests.
  10. Mirrored or Flipped Text

    ​Sorry if I don't get what you mean, now! You asked: and I showed you my output.
  11. Mirrored or Flipped Text

    Not sure if the Font type plays any role here but I used Georgia, 110 pt, and have even less pixelation than with your pdf (and a smaller font?). Would you try it with my file? ;o) FlipTest.zip
  12. Mirrored or Flipped Text

    I'd be interested to know why your result using Image Events is so different to mine using CLI?
  13. We are thinking to buy and share licences to make collaboration even easier. Now, the question is what software do you use for: 1) Remote Desktop / Screen sharing 2) Screen capturing 3) "Drawing" structures e.g. making your work visually understandable 4) … anything missing? While this is intended to serve Members of FM Mentoring, you are free to join the club once this is public.
  14. Mirrored or Flipped Text

    ​Part of every Mac OS X https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/documentation/Darwin/Reference/ManPages/man1/sips.1.html As it seems there, "Image Events" can use sips: "This tool is used to query or modify raster image files and ColorSync ICC profiles. Its functionality can also be used through the "Image Events" AppleScript suite."
  15. Mirrored or Flipped Text

    Not sure why you used "Image Events" instead of sips (and I also don't know if and how Image Events uses sips, but nevermind ;o) While I agree that it gets pixelated, I can't get your result…

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