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  1. I am feeling sooooo stupid! I am trying to do a Find on a Job table using a calculation field: cCountProductionDays which is defined as: Sum ( JobToProduction::cProductionDay? ) (which is a boolean field in the Production table signifying whether or not the Production record is complete) Extremely simple and straight forward. Displays correctly on Job table layout. When I do a Find operation from Job table using 0, or >0, or =1, or <10, or .... anything - I get "No records match this find criteria" I am CERTAINLY not new to FM, but at the moment I'm completely Brain Loc
  2. What am I missing (besides scroll bars) ? Is anyone else having this issue? Â Â Â
  3. I am having the same issue on Windows 8. Mouse scroll wheel works but only vertically. Arrow keys don't work correctly either. Anybody have a solution?
  4. << self-inflicted dope slap>> Thank you so much for both your repies, I was using the calculation route because I couldn't figure out how to do the range to range relationship. Much simpler!!! thanks again.
  5. HAving difficulty getting this to work: have table of records each with a from and to date. have global from and to dates. have a clac field in each table record (isConcurent?) set to yes/no if the from and to dates of the table record fall anywhere within the global date range. have a relationship in table based on global field containing "yes" as equal to "isConcurrent?" I want to on a layout for any table record, a portal showing all other table records within the global date range. Portal never shows any records.
  6. Has there been any resolution to your problem? I am exactly in the same ring of hell! FWIW: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/7937/~/filemaker-server-admin-console-is-not-compatible-with-java-6-update-24 I have upgraded to Java 6 v 39 and still no luck.
  7. I want to give users the ability to save a PDF in addition to allowing to print from a Preview layout. Unfortunately, the only time the icon is enabled in the status area is when the Privilege Setting for "Available menu commands" is set to ALL. I definitely do NOT want to give most users access to All Menu Commands. The privilege set does allow printing, and I have coded scripts that do the preview and printing to "Run with All Privileges", but that does not seem to enable the icon either. Does anyone have any other ideas or experience?
  8. We were having the same issue. Our Managed Services provider saw that we were way behind in our Java updates and "resolved" the issue. I back dated from update 20 to Update 15 that did not solve the problem. I then noticed a runtime environment path actually referenced a folder in the FMServer folder. When I enabled that file the issue was resolved. See the attached file for where and how to select Java runtime files.
  9. Thanks to all for your suggestions. I copied a working Server.pem file to the affected laptop, but no go. Upon further inspection, I noticed that the server.pem I copied was from FmPro9Advanced, the affected laptop uses FmPro9. When I copied a Server.pem file for FmPro9 to the affected laptop IT WORKED! If you have this problem be careful, the files are product specific. Thanks again!
  10. Recently upgraded two laptop users from Vista to Windows 7. Re-installed FilemakerPro 9. Now both laptop users report they cannot access served files from Fm Server 9. When they Open Remote, they can see the Server in the Host window, but none of the served files show up in the available files window. No other users report anything unusual. Never had anything like this before the upgrade and re-installation of FMPro client. Can anyone suggest what might be going on.
  11. I am trying to obtain lat and long info from google maps api to store into a Contact record in FM. I have successfully formatted a web viewer to return the info into an xml file formatted into the web viewer. My questions is how to I get FM to parse the lat and long info from the resulting web viewer to place into the database?
  12. I have a large solution file that I would like to use as the starting point for a new solution file and will be used in parallel. This is to be able to operate two similar but separate divisions of the same company. One table in the original file (Contacts), however, must be shared with the second file but all other tables should remain in their respective files. My first thought was to take the table to be shared and create it as it's own file that can be brought into each solution as an external file, but what about the relationships, fields and scripts that are already coded in the other
  13. Yes, I am using FM9A, there are no fields or objects all the way over to the right. This only happened when I was in Layout mode. As soon as I entered Layout mode the horizontal scroll bar would immediately snap all the way over to the right of the layout. When I would grab the bar and drag it anywhere else on the horizontal plane, as soon as I would let go of the mouse button, the bar would immediately snap back to the right- no matter what I would do. I tried toggling from Layout to browse mode to Layout mode again - still the same result. I closed the file and re-opened it agai
  14. I must have hit some weird combination of keys! Now when I go into layout mode, the horizontal scroll bar always snaps to the right. Whenever I try to move it, it always returns to the extreme right of the form (inch 111). What is going on?! Happens on all layouts - even when restarting mode and application. Have been using FMP for more than 15 years - have NEVER seen this before.
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