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  1. Both of those together took care of the problem. A very huge Thank You. This is quite a shock going from 10 to 17 and having to re-learn so much.
  2. I've recently upgraded to FMP 17 from FMP 10. 10 was doing fine, but I had to get a new computer and 10 won't run on it, so 17 it is. All of my existing files are running just fine, but I've now created a new file for something and have run into something that's driving me nuts. I have a layout that is set to view as a list. And my most recently used row is highlighted. I can't get it to go away. In 10, the very left part of the row was selected, which was just fine, instead of always having one row highlighted.
  3. My apologies on over simplifying the field names. In the mean time however, it works quite well. In the interest of keeping things a bit tidy, instead of adding another field, wouldn't this work as well: Substitute ( List (Day ( Child::Somefield )) ; ¶ ; " " )
  4. I have two tables, well say Table 1 and Table 2. Table 1 has Field A and Field B, Table 2 also has Field A, which is used to relate to Table 1. On Table 2, I can have a portal with Field B in it (from Table 1) but the problem in this case is it would be very helpful to be able to see several portals at once. But Field B only contains 1 or 2 digit numbers. So what I was wanting to do in the layout for Table 2 is have Field A and well say Field C, and just view as a list. Field C would have all of the related values from Table 1 that match. So the data would look something like this:
  5. ​I've updated the OS (I thought that had been done) however my version of FMP is 10, which is not an options, so Other it is.
  6. ​I did have the script go to that layout then insert the date, but in any event I changed it over to the set field step and it's working. Thank You.
  7. Not sure where else to put this, so here it goes. This is FMP 10, but the problem seems very straight forward. I have a series of number fields, and a date field. As part of my other functions in this table, I need FMP to simply enter the current date in that Date field. I have a startup script that FMP runs when it starts the file, and there rest of it runs as it should. But for some reason, when it gets to this part it puts the date in one of the number fields. I have triple checked, and checked again that the script is set to put it in the right field (it is only one step anyway) but f
  8. Thanks for the replies. I've been away from this for a bit, so I will give them a try. @Comment - about the 36 balls, you are correct. Should be 53. The 36 figure stuck in my head from the pick 5 game.
  9. Not sure where to ask this one, so here it is. This one is for fun - tracking lottery numbers. I've got a file that I've entered every lottery draw in the state since it started (the list is downloadable online and I was able to import it to FMP). Here's the problem. (And it's not a huge deal but since I can't figure it out, it has become a challenge). The list shows the balls for each draw in the order they were drawn, not numerical order. In other words out of 53 balls, let's say tonight they were drawn as follows: 7, 53, 24, 16, 10, 40. My file has 6 ball fields labeled One,
  10. I have a finances file that has a check register, and a budgeting page. Each has it's own table. Each budget period is 2 weeks long, so there is a record for every budget period. There is also a field on the budget page called Remaining Funds that shows how much money is left after all the budgeted items are paid. I have the same field on the check register page via a relation. It had been working perfectly fine, however I've made some major updates to the whole file, and now it's not working. In browse mode, the field on the check register side just say <Index But the relation and i
  11. I don't think there's a specific script step to do this, but I'm assuming you only want one of three possible alignments - left, center, and right? If that's the case, create three separate fields, one called left, one called center, and one called right. Then format their text respectively, and lay them one on top of each other. As far as how to get your text in the fields, I don't know if you are typing into those fields, or if it is auto entered based on other fields. If it's typing then, In your script add the steps to clear each of the fields: Clear Clear Clear
  12. As part of your script, just before the script actually prints the record, add the step to insert the current date, and select the date field. Keep in mind this will change the date each time you go to print that invoice, which I think is what you were asking. If you want it to only put in the date the very first time it's printed, but never change it, then add the following steps just before the actual print step in the script: If [Date] = "" Insert Current Date [Date] End if
  13. I'm not sure about issuing the tab character, but as far as typing form a script - I'm not sure I understand exactly what you are asking, but if you are referring to having the script go to a field and then let you type in that field, then yes. All you have to do is have it go to the field you want to type into, then tell the scrip to Pause Script. After you type, you just hit enter or return and the script continues.
  14. The only thing that comes to mind right off is to go to the relations screen under manage database and see if the tables are in fact still there, and that the relations are still connected. If you have been making changes to the database itself and maybe deleted a table???
  15. Thanks for the replys Yes. Excuse me that I get hung up on something once in a while. That's why I didn't put expert.
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