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  1. Ok now I feel dumber still. You cant index a calculation field with = field. You have to use Lookup (field) And from reading around a bit I find this is a common problem. So I will try your solution. Also is there a way to have the tooltip lookup a particular line? What I mean is that if it finds the criteria in User/Exercise/Method can it return Line n from the portal depending on the line that I make active? Having just the last weight/rep/time doesn’t help much. I want to know what the 1st/2nd/3rd... was so that I can adjust the weight for my next set. (Btw the boxes you labeled as
  2. Dude, I feel so stupid. I just changed the field from text with auto enter to a calculation. (Field = field from other table) It works every time. I want to break something. (I've been working on this all day.) thanks for the script though I was trying to figure out how to lookup each of the 6 sets. I guess they thought of that with relookup field contents. Ah scripted buttons that makes sence. I was looking for an option to run on record exit.
  3. Very strange the lookup function is not working either. How do you set up a script to run after a record you leave a record. Also Do I have to set it up for each Workout Set Line N? or is there a way to do a loop for that. (Sory this project got way over my head fast!) And in the Workout set line you never assign a unique id. How does the portal know which record to access? If I wanted to lookup a certain record like the 3rd weight in set one how would that work? (It doesn't help that I have a newborn at home and I'm short staffed at work. I am trying to read up on this in between b
  4. Hi Again, I'm having a problem with the fields you set up. In the Workout Set table and the Workout Set Line table certain fields are not getting populated. Workout Set is not populating Username and Workout Set Line is not populating Username, Exercise, or Method. When I start with a new user I need to add 3 new records before the fields begin to populate. It's driving me nuts. I tested the original you sent to me and it’s behaving the same way. (Delete all the records and start a new user.) If you have time please take a look. I'll keep trying to figure out why its not upda
  5. Thanks for the time you took to help. I added the other 2 sets and created a conditonal value list for the exercises. And well the interface actually looks better than the first time. (I was able to offset the time field and that was my intent.) Thanks for the tip to look up "conditional value lists". I entered a case statement in a calculation field that chose a value list based on a new field "muscle group". It worked pretty well, except for when the field was indexed. The methods I saw from the google search work much better. All is well now and I'm ready to start using it. I
  6. Oh one more thing. Why do you have a Workout Set table and then a Workout Set n table? It looks as though you are not using that table and the Workout Set Line table. Is that correct? OK never mind. I think I get it. The "n"'s are referances, not real tables.
  7. Yes when I saw the complexity of the design I started considered that. Doing this 6 times would be allot plus it’s not scalable. I can't just add a new muscle group if I decide. I'm thinking of making a Drop down value list for muscle group. Then I will need to figure out how to filter out exercises that are not related to that exercise. I did come across something like that in the Missing Manual. Whether or not I am capable of accomplishing it is another story altogether : I did figure the setup was a cyclical relationship of some sort. But I'm still not sure how it works. I'll stare at
  8. Ok, Holy Cr@p! First off let me say thank you. The layout is very cool. I think I understand why you took this approach. I want to fully understand how you made this work. What is gSet, why is it global? ( What info does this field actually hold?) Also what is Workout Set n Line by User_Exercise_Method? And What is Workout set n Lines? I think I get this much: Workout – houses each Exercise Workout set – houses Exercise and Method for each Exercise and Creates a unique Workout ID Workout set line – Houses the data for the individual sets. It also uses Workout ID (Uniq
  9. I'm not sure I follow. Please keep in mind that this is the first Database that I have designed. Please give me an example of the fields that would fit in each table and the way they would relate. (I don’t understand the way you recommend to break up the tables) Also would doing a conditional find work better if I used repeating fields instead of making six occurrences of each? I kind of shied away from using repeating fields because they were not recommended in the book.
  10. Hi, I am a novice with FM so if this is painfully obvious please be merciful. I have bought and read the FM8 missing manual and am still a bit hazy about how to proceed with the syntax for a tool tip of this type. I am creating a workout database for my home. I have fields that contain the Exercise and the Method used to execute the exercise. Flat Bench would be an example of an Exercise Barbell or dumbbell would be examples of a Method. Now I have up to 6 Exercises and 6 Methods for each workout. (Exercise 1 -6 and Method 1 -6) I want a tooltip that would find the last wor
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