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  1. Sorry for uploaded wrong sample file. Here's the right one. Exam_Temp.zip
  2. Hi, I try to write an on-line examination system. In this system, I have an item store table, which hold all tests item for student. Once the student create new examination, the system should copy some records from the store (for example, 2 of 3) randomly for this examination. How can I to define the relationship? Sample file is attached. Thanks in advance. Exam_2007.zip
  3. Thanks! Your solution just open my mind. Thanks again, I love this forum.
  4. Hi, I am trying to create service call database as following: Table1:Service_Call Field_1:Service_Call_ID Field_2:Service_Call_Assigned_Enginners Field_3:Service_Call_Status Table2:Assign_Task Field_1:Service_Call_ID Field_2:Engineer_Name Field_3:Task_Date Table3:Service_Visit Field_1:Service_Call_ID Field_2:Service_Visit_Status Field_3:Service_Visit_Date The Problem is:(in screenshot2) How can I define the caculation to make Service_Call_Assigned_Enginners="Ben+Ken+Jason"? And Service_Call_Status="In_Progress"? (if there's a "Finished" sta
  5. Finally I found it's much easy to use g_CurrentDate<=Service_Call_End_Date relationship to list all call not finshed. g_CurrentDate=If (IsEmpty ( Main_Menu::gShow_ToDay_Engineer_Activities_Engineer_Name ) ≠1; Get ( CurrentDate ) ; "" ) Attached is the screenshot. Thanks comment.
  6. Thanks. You are correct. We have to find another way for solution. This thread is still open.
  7. Hi comment, I simplified my database, just use Service_call_enddate>=Get(CurrentDate) to list all call in progress.
  8. Sorry, attached file does not work! SelectDateRangeFromtoday.fp7v01.zip
  9. Hi, Just bought FM8 Advenced from FM's dealer in China. Get problem when I am creating a service call book system: 1. Value list based on current date; 2. Date Caculation/Relationship. Who would give valuable advices to me can find more information in attached sample file.(winziped). Thanks. Value_list_based_on_currentdate.zip
  10. Hi Ohgo_Ohgo, Thanks. In My system:Windows XP SP2 Chinese Version + FM8 Adcanced, "|" is not allowed for filename, I have to change it to"_" or "-".
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