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  1. Thanks for the kind advice. Yes it is a bit drastic to change over. Perhaps it is just the frustration of the moment. We use no plug-ins and never have. This current application is a conversion from 7 to 8 and so on to 12. There are close to 135 tables with an average of 100 fields per table. We had removed all graphics except our corporate logo which appears on the opening menu only. With FM12, external graphics is really not needed (our opinion). FM12 offers excellent options for pretty inter-phases. Thinking about equipment, the one pretty stable client is the one we ourselves inst
  2. I rarely write, mostly read and learn. Have been using FM since 7. Currently using FM12 Pro, Pro Advanced, Advanced Server. All are up to date. Actually never had any version prior to FM 12 crash. Now am experiencing unexpected crashing, slow responce when simply navigating to another layout and many other anomalies that we never experienced before. This happens in XP-Pro, Windows 7. What is disconcerning is we moved three big clients (50 licenses two of them and 25 the other) to FM 12. We now spend more time trying to figure out why the sporadic crashing, slowness at times and just wierd
  3. Using FM 11. Is there a way to filter a portal through a script so that I do not have to make copies of the same layout for different filter conditions. Example: I have student grades and each grade has the term (grade year) so that I can select each years grades separately. But, I have to make the same layout for each year because I filter the portal on the layout. I would like to script it and use one layout rather than so many layouts (as I am using now), if possible.
  4. Thanks. There is a technical reference that tells us exactly the breakdown and what type of data it represents (date, number, text, etc.). It tells us where each resulting data starts and ends. Empty spaces are padded by spaces. It is just more work for us because the file is sent in that manner. Your example helps quite a bit. Again thank you.
  5. The file is not delimited. We have to import from starting point to end point of the file. This establishes the field. Your idea of a temp file is excellent as then we could manage the data within FM. If I understand correctly, import the total file into one field, all 6000 characters. Then break it up using Set field and text functions. Could you please place an example of say the following file. 1AU582124567Rogers It should then look like: 1 AU 582124567 Rogers Thanks.
  6. I would like to import a text file that is just over 6000 characters in length and needs to be imported into 526 columns. I can export to Excel 2007 and then import, but I was hoping to use FM directly. This file size is a standard record file from the government and their reference file tells us where the columns are in fixed length within this file. FM does not handle fixed length as an import option and the government will not change to a CSV or delimited file format. Any suggestions are welcomed.
  7. Recently with the help of the forum that always guides you in the right direction, we were able to complete our attendance and class scheduler as required by the schools accrediting agency. This is a post secondary institution (2 yr college). It is quite complex but is working beyond our expectations. We track attendance by class, tardy by every 15 minute intervals (labeled T1=15 min, T2=30 min, etc,) and when they leave early (S1=15 min, S2=30 min, etc.). It is tied to a class scheduler that creates the calendar days, hours and when the standard hours and days are insufficent to add up to the
  8. Thank you for the quick response. We have already figured out the previous thanks to the examples suggested. The reason to have this was to let the coordinator know how many days (say a Tuesday) in the term would be available in order to start assigning the duration of a class and that it should meet the number of class room hours that the class has. The help has been great and we thank you much.
  9. I would like to count the number of example: Tuesdays between two dates. I would use this to calculate the other days of the week as well between two dates. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the link. This definitely has helped out greatly. We used one of the prior links to build a holiday schedule which was quite easy. Now we are tying this script to build the class schedule to make sure that the hours the class is supposed to be attended matches with the day and hour schedule. At the same time, the schedule it has built of days to attend we will use to enter attendance and absence. Unfortunately for us, this is a large school that only their accrediting agency requires them to enter attendance this way rather than enter only the absences. Thanks much and once we final
  11. Thanks for the guidance. The first link is not available anymore or at least from where I live it is not accessible. Being in Puerto Rico is somewhat hard to find help with such an application. But anyone willing to try their hand we would be willing to pay. And yes it is somewhat complex but only from the point of relationship. Perhaps looking at another approach might bring us some light. Thank you.
  12. I would like to display (generate) the dates (weekdays selected) between two dates in a table and then use these generated dates for attendance on each of these days. Example: The school term starts 11/9/2009 and ends on 2/19/2010. I would like to check (select) the days the class will be scheduled and enter the start and end time. Lets say I check Tue and Thu for the class ENG 101 which will start at 8:00am and end at 10:30am or 2.5 hours for one day. How can I generate a table with all the Tuesdays and Thursdays with their calendar date so that; 1) I may total the number of hours for
  13. Using FM 10. Have a client that is expanding from 2 to 5 campuses. To facilitate updating changes and sending to all campuses how do you build and separate the frontend (screens) from the Dbase. Is there an example to see. Right now they have 2 and I do a copy paste but five ? Also, they are willing to allow me to make the necessary changes so that updating in the future is easier. They are looking to expand to 15 centers in the next three years. Also, how or what is the best way to consolidate certain data from each campus to one central campus in order to see what is going on at all cam
  14. Steven. Thank you very much. I will do exactly that this saturday. If I run into any problems I will return here, otherwise it went well.
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