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  1. Comment you're a rockstar. Incorporated perfectly with almost no modifications to my existing file.
  2. Hi comment Thanks for mentioning that - I do remember seeing repeating fields used as a bar graph. Is there a demo file or thread you can point me to? I think that'll achieve exactly what I need. Cheers
  3. Hi all I use a bar chart to visually show the amount of fuel available in tanks. The users create entries as fuel is used which in turn adjusts the data. I want to hide the labels FM automatically adds to charts as my solution already displays this data in another form. The chart is merely a visual reference and I don't needed the added labels. Is there a way to do this?
  4. Comment - your backspace works perfectly. However I'm not sure if the get(scriptparameter) is functioning as intended, though admittedly utilizing a script parameter isn't something I'm versed very well in. The User is presented a pop-up dialogue with the keyboard laid out so it can be hidden if necessary. The script I have attached to "keys" so far is: Insert Calculated Result [Target: testtext ; Get(ScriptParameter)] Go to Object [ Object Name: "keyboard" ] Am I missing a step?
  5. Hi all. I'm working on a project that utilizes touch screen monitors and I am wanting to find the most efficient way of scripting an on-screen keyboard for users to enter data when prompted. The typical QWERTY keyboard with backspace, left/right arrows, Enter, etc. If possible, if someone could direct me on how to script a single letter (say, "Q"), spacebar and Backspace I should be able to figure out the rest. Many thanks.
  6. Currently just using a hidden web viewer to send commands as I think this is the only way to send a URL.
  7. @ggt667 and @comment - thank you both! Now my FMP application and read the XML file and import from state.xml Now my final task of using FMP to update the XML. I have created a script using Insert from URL. The network device supports control via URL commands, for example, typing into the address bar will set the relaystate to 0, etc. The script uses a Case () function to determine if "1" or "0" should be sent in the URL but I'm currently getting a progress bar saying "URL data transfer" that stays on the screen for a long time wi
  8. Hi there Is this what you're looking for? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <FMPXMLRESULT xmlns="http://www.filemaker.com/fmpxmlresult"><ERRORCODE>0</ERRORCODE> <PRODUCT BUILD="09-05-2019" NAME="FileMaker" VERSION="ProAdvanced 18.0.3"/> <DATABASE DATEFORMAT="M/d/yyyy" LAYOUT="" NAME="Doors.fmp12" RECORDS="1" TIMEFORMAT="h:mm:ss a"/> <METADATA> <FIELD EMPTYOK="YES" MAXREPEAT="1" NAME="DOOR" TYPE="TEXT"/> <FIELD EMPTYOK="YES" MAXREPEAT="1" NAME="inputstate" TYPE="NUMBER"/> <FIELD EMPTYOK="YES" MAXREPEAT="1" NAME="
  9. Hi all I am interested to know if there's any suggested reading and/or viewing that can help me achieve the following. I have a webrelay device on my network that controls a magnetic door lock. The device supports XML and HTTP GET requests. I have created a basic map of the property in filemaker and want to use a button to toggle the control the relay (thus locking or unlocking the door) and return the device status'. Conditional formatting will indicate whether the lock is energized or not, with a separate field indicating whether the door is closed (inputstate). The XML (state.xml
  10. Hi all I have the current script below set to find a random number of records based on the test question requirement (TestQuestionCount) within a found set. The script successfully is able to isolate x number of questions depending on the TestQuestionCount requirement. I have watched the Data Viewer during script debugging. However, if the question count requirement is 30 questions, it's usually finding ~25 records or so. Upon further investigation I see it is randomly (of course) capturing duplicate record ID's. When the system is creating a new request there are usually a couple duplica
  11. Yes, one test for each subject applicable to that users training level. Pass is 70%, score below a retest is possible, but with a new generated selection of questions. Agreed. Database design is something I'm teaching myself and I don't design solutions for compensation. My requirements have changed based on input from my instructor. I've now restructured the database question bank via subject > topic > topic code > question. What I've come up with works very well as far as I've managed to test functionality. Further alterations I'll re-visit the drawing board. My concern now
  12. Thanks comment! My database has multiple test questions for multiple subjects. I've done my best to simulate the actual test-taking experience that happens in the exam room (also on a computer, multiple choice). Several subjects have over 1,000 questions in the question bank, not written by me. If I want to "generate a test" for a given subject and have the computer randomly choose 100 questions out of the available 1,000+, would creating a script to export the randomly chosen questions to a Test table suffice? As I see it, this way there's a separate record available for *that* user
  13. Thanks, comment. I have moved the answer choices to a field in the question table and defined a new field in the same table that contains the correct response. The answer choices are now referenced in a value list which displays as a set of radio buttons. AnswerSelection = CorrectAnswer equals correct. AnswerSelect ≠ CorrectAnswer equals incorrect. Say there are 100 records (100 questions), what would be the best way to record the answer choices as the user progresses through? I see your comment on using a Responses table, but I'm failing to see how a new record would be created/modi
  14. Evening all I am creating a multiple choice test solution with three possible answers. I have an "Answers" table joined to my "Question" table via a QuestionID field. The answer selection to each question is presented in a portal. Currently I have set up a radio button for the user to select their answer ("selection"), however currently I'm stuck trying to figure out how to only permit one answer choice for each question. Right now I can select all three answers by clicking each radio button in each row. Is there a way to make FileMaker only permit one radio selection in a group of relate
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