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  1. Fitch & Steven, I realize that it makes no sense for such a small user group. But if you re-read my initial question you can see that I am asking, just out of curiosity, approximately how much it would cost. Obviously I'm not going to drop 10k instead of 3k but Steven was the first person to even give me a ballpark as to what it would cost. Plus, if most of my users are salesman working off of an iPhone than purchasing copies of FMclient won't do them much good. Thanks for all the responses!
  2. Wow, fantastic references. Thanks guys! So do you think it's a huge waste of money to buy a second copy for client-side data entry instead of using IWP? Some of my core functionality does not work with IWP and it would probably cost more for me to learn how to redevelope the DB to work over the web.
  3. Currently I only have a few people that need to access my FM8 database hosted on my powerbook. I find IWP to be very clunky and am tempted to buy my employees their own copies of FM so that they can have smooth seamless use of my DB. I'm curious if I am alone in thinking that IWP is not the best solution and wonder why I can't buy a $100 data entry client FM (Bento is less than $100 so why not develop software similar that can read FM DB's?). I was not aware, when I purchased FM, that runtime solutions have embedded DB's and cannot be "shared". That was a real disappointment as I thought I wou
  4. I was actually trying to use that function today. I have a field ("sorted") in a table ("table1") which is a calculation using the get(sortstate) function. The result should be 0, 1 or 2. The field has been placed on a layout using "table1" as its base. When I sort using "mac key-S" the status area displays "Sorted" but the field displays "0" when I believe it should show "1". What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Marc
  5. Currently my database is set up in a typical fashion with records of advertisers available in form view (with many fields) as well as List view (with a few fields & merge fields for quick reference). I thought that it might be nice to see my list while having full access to an advertisers records at the same time, without having to switch back and forth. Is there anything wrong with taking the fields that I had on the form and placing them within the footer of a list? The fields seems to behave the same and everything works just fine, but I have never seen this suggested so I was wond
  6. 1. While the Kevin Frank example seems nice I'm not sure how it applies to me. 2. The video, which I have seen before, is talking about summary fields in PREVIEW mode. As I stated, I already know how to do that. I would like to create a summary field that operates in BROWSE mode.
  7. I'm sure there is a really good reason why sub-summary fields only work in preview mode but I need that functionality in browse mode so that I can manipulate the data and easily see the record I choose in form mode. It will be a working list. I have many businesses and would like to list them by category and then alphabetically. In preview mode I can not only do this but also have a heading before a group of advertisers listing what category they are in and a count field that tells me how many businesses are in that category. Perfect! In browse mode I can also organize the list by gr
  8. Thanks guys. Mid last week I ordered the "Filemaker Pro * Missing Manual". I honestly never heard of the training series published by filemaker. I feel that is pretty sad marketing on their behalf. Considering I have spend some time searching for good training and have found a lot of it (which includes this forum, JMO tutorials and several books that are recommended on Amazon) I never heard of the filemaker pro training book until John mentioned it. Since it comes with sample files I may purchase it but only after I check out the book I just ordered. Just to agree with you both- it's tru
  9. I have watched countless hours of video (mainly JMOsborne tutorials) and have searched forums and sites for answers. I have come a long way and have developed a solid solution. But I'm not an engineer, math savvy or a programmer or developer. Most of the software that is designed for guys like me is children's play (Bento, etc.). I love the stuff that FileMAker can do and I just wish that there existed instructions that explain it in lay terms, for a guy like me!
  10. Yeah, this seems a little beyond me now. I really wish I knew what you are talking about! What I need, I guess, is someone to help me design my database from scratch and walk me through it's development. Aside from all these details the whole thing is probably not set up logically Aside from spending a lot of money do you know where I can get some free consulting? I know I can ask questions here but it's a bit tedious to ask one question at a time and have it explained in jargon that makes no sense to me.
  11. Your example certainly solves the problem as well as another that I had (I was generating a report and sorting by a value list. But since not all the values in the list are associated with a customer they are not all showing up. I wanted to have them all show up so I can see what values had no customers). But I don't understand it and have no idea how to incorporate it into my solution.
  12. T-Square, Then what? Do you still type in the zip in the zip field? Or do you have to choose the serial number and if so what will display in the zip field? Plus why cant you have two records in the zip table that use the same zip but list a different city? Can you use a Zip filter table to allow choosing the cities related to that one zip?
  13. OK, new problem same source. I now would like to generate a report using the vales from my checkbox to sort. Among other values in the list are "Back Cover", "1/2 Page B&W", "Listing", etc. I would like a sub-summary field to list values from the list with businesses below. Currently, if a business has "Listing" checked as well as "Back Cover" and another business has only "Listing" checked they show up as two separate categories. What I would like is to have each category listed only once and businesses listed once for each ad placed. A business that has two values chosen from t
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