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  1. LaRetta, thanks. I'm old and I've slept since I had it working. Your suggestion works, but I'd swear it's not the way I had it. No matter; just as long as it works. George
  2. I'm sorry. I'm not following you.
  3. Genx, The state field is supposed to give the user a list of U.S. States with full name and abbreviation. When the user selects a state, the abbreviation only is inserted into the field. Thanks for the suggestion on Wrong Format. I hadn't thought about your point. It would be easier to just make the correction than starting over. LaRetta, The state field needs to display a drop down based on the Table "other_database" to produce what I stated above. Thanks, Genx and LaRetta
  4. Would someone please take a look at the attached db and give me some guidance on why the field "State" is not functioning properly. Thanks GRH_Contacts_v3.fp7.zip
  5. This is the shortest example I have. The Let function produces 5 digits if that's all that's entered and 9 if all 9 are entered. I'm trying to make sure the Wrong Format is brought up if the user happens to enter more than 5 but less than 9. Thanks, Ender. TrimAll( Work Zip Code ; 1 ; 0 ) /*remove all extra spaces*/ _________________________________________________________________ Let ( [tempZip = Filter ( Work Zip Code ; "0123456789" ) ]; Left ( Work Zip Code ; 5 ) & If ( Length ( tempZip ) = 9 ; "-" & Right ( tempZip ; 4 ) ; "" ) ) ____________________________
  6. This seems elementary, but I can't find anything about it and have tried every combination I can think of. I've got a field I want to trim, perform a Let function in and have text "Wrong Format" in the field if the user doesn't enter the correct info for the Let function. In what order should these steps be performed? I would think in as I've listed them, but can't get it to work. Should there be a Remove Text or Reformat Text in there somewhere? Is there a guide somewhere that shows the order functions should be performed? Thanks.
  7. Thanks, Martha. That did it. Lee I tried adding your suggestion to Martha's but couldn't get it to work.
  8. This is bound to be on here somewhere, but I can't find it after doing several searches. How do I get a zip code field to produce XXXXX-XXXX if the last 4 digits are entered and just the first 5 digits without the - if that's all that's entered?
  9. Everything is fine except when I place the field on a different layout it says, "unrelated," after I've formatted it as a drop down list from values in States, displaying data from "other database my "state_abbrev" has two colons ( :: ) in front of it, like a Time Symbol. Any ideas where I went wrong?
  10. I've built a US state abbreviation value list, but can't figure out how to have the full name of the state and the abbreviation in the list without having both in the results. i.e. I want the list to show Maryland MD and the field to only show MD. Is there a way to do this?
  11. Thanks. That works, except it leaves a blank line if Company doesn't have any data entered in it. Any suggestions?
  12. Name & Parameters: [color:red][big] Default mail address ( ) [/big] Description: Sample Input: Results: Recursive: no Formula: I'm working on the following calculation. Case( Mail To = "Home"; Mailing Full Name & "¶" & Home Street & ¶ & Home City & "," & " "& Home State & " " & Home Zip Code; Mail To = "Work"; Mailing Full Name & Case(IsEmpty ( Title );""; ", " & Title) & Case(IsEmpty (Company) ; "";¶ & Company & ¶ & Work Street & ¶ & Work City & "," &
  13. Thanks, Martha. I looked at it so long, I couldn't see the forest for the trees.
  14. I took FMs template Contact Management and added several Email fields and built scripts for them to open Apple's Mail. They were all copied from the original Send Email script, but they aren't working properly for a reason I can't figure out. Here's a brief description of what's happening and not happening. I'm attaching the file as well. Any help will be deeply appreciated. Thanks, ajnhlr Clicking Script button for Spouse Work Email with HarrisS217@npcc.edu gives me the message “There is no email address for this record. Please try again after entering an address.” If
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