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  1. I would like to send an embedded survey out to customers 1 week after they purchase from us. To find out how they liked their product, would they order from us again...etc. I would like it to be embedded within the email with radio buttons so that they do not need to click on a link. Any suggestions are welcome!!! Don Kick
  2. Just to help isolate the issue have you tried setting mac mail as the default and sending mail that way?
  3. Goal: find a way to email order confirmations to customers so they can sign and approve the confirmation. My idea was to send an editable pdf with a check mark and spot to write their name. I currently send emails with an attached .pdf (non editable). Customers just respond the the emial, however lately I have had people responding without even realizing there is an attached email. Does anyone know how to send an editable pdf or know of another way to accomplish the bigger goal? Much appreciated -Don
  4. Sometimes it populates the T0 email address with all the emails in the database, other times it populates it with the same email over and over again.
  5. I have a client database with a related table for email addresses. I also have a client field called "email_list" that is a List calculation so that shows a list of all emails related to a specific client with a return between, all within one field. The email script sends mail using the Send Mail script step to the related field "email_list" It works sometimes, but not always. I can't seem to isolate the common thread as to why it does not work all the time. The reason I did it this way was so I can send to multiple addresses for a single client. Is there a bette
  6. The value is empty when the file is first opened, then once a new record is created the value "TASK" is auto entered correctly, then everything works fine from that point. So the specific questions is how to keep the value of "TASK" in the field even before a new record is created? The value never needs to change, I would like it to always exist without needing to create a new record for it to be "auto entered" Thanks Don
  7. Check out 360 works Super Container...
  8. I have a portal that shows records based on a global field - all works well... except when you first open filemaker. I need to create a new record before the global field is populated. Once the new record is created all the related records show as expected. So none of the related records show in the portal until after I have created a new record. Then all the expected records show. Any suggestions?
  9. There are two records in the Client Email table that contain johndoe@home, one record relates to John Doe, and the other relates to Jane Doe.
  10. Your right, the emails are not related to more than one client. However, the same email may occur within multiple clients. Example John Doe could have two related emails, johndoe@home.com & johndoe@work.com (these are only related to John Doe) Jane Doe could have just one related email, maybe she uses john's home email address, johndoe@home.com (this email is only related to Jane Doe) Let me know if you need further explaination.
  11. I'm trying to create a portal on my "incoming mail" layout that includes all "active" jobs related to the current email of "johndoe@work.com" It's trickier than it sounds at first glance... Here are the 3 tables I'm working with. -Client Emails = johndoe@work.com (each email may be associated with multiple clients; example: John Doe & Jane Doe) -Clients = John Doe (each client may have multiple emails; Example: JohnDoe@work.com & JohnDoe@home.com) -Jobs = "active" or "inactive" (each Job relates to a single client)
  12. I have a users computer that automatically logs them in when the file is opened remotely. everyone else on the network needs to type in their password, and I am wanting this one to be the same. Under File Options I have "Log in Using" unchecked. Where else should I be looking?
  13. Thanks guys... I'm still playing around with it. hopefully we can get it figured out soon.
  14. The funny thing is, when I made this file a clone, a new record is created very quickly now? The only difference is the number of records. Let me know if the attached file helps. You can log in as a guest with full access. ImpactShop_Clone.fp7.zip
  15. There are some auto enter calcs in the table, however they are not on the layout where the new record is created. There is an auto enter serial number for Line Item ID. The auto enter calcs are things like extended price, that equals quantity X item price. could that be causing the problem?
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