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  1. Hello. I have a donation table where each time a client donates I create a new record for each input. I would like to create a List layout where each client's totals are summed up. I do have a sum field set up to grab. My problem is that when I try creating a list, it lists each time that one person donated. I would like for the table to list the person *once* along with their total donation and not as many times as they have donated. Sorry if this is a repeat topic. I couldn't find an answer. I appreciate any help. Thanks.
  2. Thank you Thank you. I made the error of not matching the fields exactly from the old database to the new. The old field said "Yes", the new field said "Y". Once I matched them up, it cleared up. I totally appreciate your help.
  3. Strange. I simplified the database by erasing all the records and removing all tables except for the Contact table. I inserted 6 new records, did my search and it came up fine. But the original database is still pulling the wrong ones. Could it have something to do with relationships?
  4. Why is it that when I do a find (not a multiple search) on 2 fields that are set up as checkboxes, it pulls the wrong data? I thought that a single search meant find all records including "this" AND "that". My results include a mix of both boxes checked and one box checked. help? Thanks
  5. One thing I should add (just realized) that the merge fields are culling from another table. But even so, the letters appear correctly in that the Donor folk are showing up. It's just a matter of getting the correct print order.
  6. Looking under Layout/LayoutSetup My layout Name is : Letter Show Records From: Donor I belive this is set up correctly in that the letter is pulling info from the Donor table. I've tried inserting Related Record and Record/Request into the print script but neither has worked. It still pulls record person #1. If I set the printer settingi to print ALL, then all records appear. I suppose I could always batch print. However. I was hoping to just print one at a time. I would zip a copy of the database for you, but it's huge.
  7. Hmm. Sorry, not to Filemaker saavy. Let me try again. I have a Donor Table in which I create a new record for each person who has given us money. Each record has a print button (as part of the layout, of course). I created a separate letter layout with merge fields from the Donor layout. The hoped for action is this: After I fill out Mr. X's information, I would like to be able to hit that print button, have Mr. X's info merge into the letter that I have created and then print. Thanks for your help by the way.
  8. I created the letter using a new layout but based on the Donor Table which contains the print button. Does that answer your question??
  9. Hiya. I have a printing script set up such that when I hit the print icon it should spit out a standard thank you letter. And it does, but it only prints the first letter of the first person that I hit the print icon for. How do I get the script to print the record of the contact person I am actually viewing? I have the script set up this way: Go to Layout ["Thankyouletter" (Donors)] Print Setup [Restore] Print [Restore] Thanks!
  10. Hi. I have a Contact database which lists everyone in their own record. I need to extract a mailing list which will omit students ( I have created a student checkbox field which will allow me to do this) but to also somehow combine the two parents' names as the mailing contact even though they are in their own separate records. I do have a portal which allows me to see who it is that have the same home address. I figured that the home address would be indicative of 2 parents. So, how do I create a script that would allow me to (after I omit the students) grab the two parents names and put them in the proper format. Eg. John and Jane Smith OR, what if they have a different last name? What provision in the script do I need to add for that? Help! This is beyond me at my skill level. I appreciate your help.
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