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  1. I’m preparing a payroll report. This file will be used year after year, but beginning a new file each year. I want buttons to find each pay period (i.e. 3/15 or 3/31). The problem is the date enters the current year automatically. so when I get to 2012 none of the find buttons will work. Is there a way to work around this?
  2. I have, but my clients have not.
  3. I have one field with 3 choices: A M, Noon, and P M. When A M is selected I would like the field to be one color, If Noon is selected, then a different color; P M would be a 3rd color. Is this possible? Any ideas will be appreciated.
  4. I have a formula to count total records and show the one record I am using-- "Total Records " & Status(CurrentRecordCount) & "¶" & Status(CurrentRecordNumber) & " of " & Status(CurrentFoundCount) I there a way to display the number of found records? Thanks in advance.
  5. I am trying to convert a time field to a number field. My field “Total Hours” shows the total in hours and minutes (39:30). Now to convert the next field to a number. The formula I am using is: Hour(Total Hours) It works fine unless there are minutes. 39:30 (hhmm) shows as 39.0 and I need for it to show 39.5. Please help and Thanks.
  6. This worked great TimeFinish - TimeStart + ( TimeFinish < TimeStart ) * 86400 Thanks so much.
  7. I'm working on a time card and have 1 field "Time In" and 1 field "Time Out". As long as the time is within one 24 hour period, it calculates perfectly (in time, not numbers) But if a person signs in at 11:00 at night and signs out at 7:00 the next morning then the problems begin. I've tried an if formula, but to no avail. Can these two different sign ins be compatible? Thanks for any help.
  8. Thank you Vaughn for your help. It works perfectly, but as you said the spaces are a problem. I think I would have to widen my field the width of the paper. Since I am not that FMP savy, would you mind telling me how to remove the spaces? Thanks so much. Gaynell
  9. I have 22 Mod fields to select from. Usually 4 or 5 are selected. In Mod 1 I enter a 1, in Mod 2, a 2, and so on. I have another field called Modification. When I enter a number in a Mod field I want it to appear also in the Modification field. This is my formula, but it's not working. It will enter only two numbers, not the four or five I may need. Also, I need to have a space between each number (for example 1 2 looks like twelve, 12). Case(Mod 1, 1 & Mod 2, 2 & Mod 3, 3 & Mod 4, 4) and on through 22. Surely will appreciate any help.
  10. When I transfer a FMP v 6 file to FMP Advanced the password used in v 6 is not applicable in Advanced--unable to access full file. Why is this and what do I do? Second question: text colors in FMP 6 are not the same in Advanced. For example RED in FMP 6 come out as light blue in Advanced. What would cause this?
  11. Here's the deal. I'm making a grade book in runtime. The teacher (user) will need to duplicate this 5 or maybe 7 times--all with different information--so it needs to be something the user can do and not the developer. Thanks again.
  12. I'm new to FMP 8 Advanced and puzzled about saving a runtime file. I want to save as a blank file, but when I do, then the original runtime file is blank, or vice versa. How do I make new copies of the runtime without it copying the original runtime file? Thanks for your help.
  13. I am preparing a run time demonstraton disk. I want the client to be able to add/delete/edit records, but I want to deny them printing privileges. This was easy to do on the FMP 4 password set up, but in FMP 8 Advanced I can't find how to set it up. Hope this is still possible. Will appreciate any help and thanks.
  14. I'm new to FMP 8, and I'm having trouble with my formulas. For example to Calculate and age: (Year(Status(CurrentDate)) - Year(DOB) - If(Status(CurrentDate) < Date(Month(DOB), Day(DOB), Year(Status(CurrentDate))), 1, 0)) & " Yrs, " & (Mod(Month(Status(CurrentDate)) - Month(DOB) + 12 - If(Day(Status(CurrentDate)) < Day(DOB), 1, 0), 12)) & " Mnths, " & (Today- Date(Month(Status(CurrentDate)) - (Day(DOB) > Day(Status(CurrentDate))), Day(DOB), Year(Today))) & " Dys " This formula is no longer accepted. Can you give me a new formula for this?
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