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  1. You were right. I found the offending steps in the Open script for the Music Video Library file. I disabled the steps and everything is working like a champ! Thanks to everyone for the tips. Reed, I didn't need to use debugger because I used my home computer with 8.5. Next time I will definitely try that first before posting. Cheers, Gideon
  2. Thanks Ender. Here is the open script: ---- Go to Layout ["Welcome"] Show/Hide Status Area [Lock; Hide] Show/Hide Text Ruler [Hide] Set Zoom Level [100%] Select Window [Current Window] Adjust Window [Resize to Fit] Open File ["Music Video Library"] (I verified that the file path is correct) If [Get ( ActiveModifierKeys ) = 4] Else Close File [Current File] End If ------ I tried disabling the If...End If steps but still got the error message.
  3. FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced is the only version of FMP I have on my computer. FMPro 9 attempts to open the file and that's when I get the error message.
  4. I am trying to open a file that was created in FMPro 8. After entering my username and password I get an pop-up window with the title "FileMaker 8 Required..." and the message "This template includes features that only work correctly with FileMaker Pro 8." The only option is a "close" button. When clicked the computer completely exits FileMaker Pro. I have access to FMPro 8 that I can use to edit the file but how do I know which elements are not compatible with FMPro 9? Thanks! Gideon
  5. I need a scripting and design genius to push a FM Pro 8 database across the finish line. I've gotten it 85% of the way there. Now I need help to take this from a good business application to a great one. The database is highly date dependent and used extensively for scheduling resources. There are also 2 PHP reports (schedules) that would require your skills. This is for a well known, Atlanta-based company. It is not a permanent position, but will likely take several weeks initially. Follow-up support requests are very likely down the road. Consultant/contractor is preferred. Please reply with contact info, links to past work or questions. Thanks, Gideon
  6. Great! That's exactly what I needed to know. Thanks for the input! Gideon
  7. Can someone point me to a good resource for information about FMP 8.0 compatible Code 128 barcode readers? Or do you have a barcode reader that you love or hate? I don't need a wireless handheld device. A simple scanner "gun" with a desktop stand should work fine. I can't figure out if I need a "keyboard wedge" or if a simple USB reader will work. I don't want to spend more than $200 if possible. Here's what I need it for: -I am adding barcodes to each asset of a video tape library. -I'm using pre-printed code-128 barcode labels, no need for FMP to print barcodes. -the barcodes will be scanned to create a new record, and then scanned to access and edit a record. -this is not a networked database at this time, but it may become one later on. Thanks! G$
  8. I am trying to write a calculation for a field that will compare a fixed date to a list of dates within a portal. If any of the portal lines has the fixed date then the script should return a value of "Yes." Within the portal the fixed date will never occur more than once per record. This is what I've come up with, but it is only returning yes if there is only one entry in the portal and the entry matches the fixed date: If( MultiplayerInServiceDate = Dates_Titles::AirDate;"Yes";"") where MultiplayerInServiceDate is fixed and Dates_Titles::AirDate is the field within the portal. The actual portal is in a layout that is based on the Titles table, not the Dates table. I'm using FMP 8.03 on WinXP. Thanks! G$
  9. The "create new record" is working, but none of the information I want auto-entered is appearing. I also need to create 3 or 6 similar but uniques records and I'm not sure if I can create a loop script to do this. Thx/gideon
  10. Ha! I guess I made it more confusing by substituting generic variables for my table and field names. The .pdf did have the fonts embedded, but I'm uploading it again. Here's a version of my post without all the silly variables: The 'Master Games' table has a 'name' field and an 'adPackage' field. The 'adPackage' field is a radio button set with 2 options, 'Promos Only' or 'Promos/Trailers'. I've made a button in the 'Form View Games' layout to create related records in the 'Shows' table ('Form View Shows' layout) based on the value of 'adPackage'. If the value is 'Promos Only' then 3 new records will be created in 'Shows'. Each new record will "copy" the name field from the record in 'Master Games' and "paste" it into the name field in 'Shows'. In additon, each new record will place 1 of 3 values in the 'Shows::Show Type' field. The values are 'Promo - Coming To', 'Promo - Now On', or 'Promo - Evergreen'. The 'Show Type' value list has a total of 11 values. These particular three are numbers 4-6 in the list. Still with me? If the value of 'adPackage' is 'Promos/Trailers' then 6 new records would be created in the 'Shows' table. 3 should have the same values in 'Show Type' as above and 3 would have 1 of 3 additional values from the 'Show Type' list- 'Trailer - Coming To', 'Trailer - Premiere', and 'Trailer - Evergreen'. There is some other information that would copy directly from a 'Master Games' field to a field in other tables, but they are not script dependant. I should be able to figure those steps out based on whatever it takes to perform the steps I've described above. I hope that makes my question/problem a little clearer. Thanks! G
  11. Hi, I'm trying to write a script that will create several new records in one table based on crieria in another table. Here's the simplest explanation I can come up with: Table has field (name) and field (type). The type field is a radio button set(pulls from value list ) with 2 options. I've made a button in Table Layout1 to create related records in Table Layout2 based on the value of . If the value is "1" then 3 new records will be created in Table . Each new record will 'copy' the data in and 'paste' into . In addition, each new record will get 1 of 3 values from value list to be placed in field . has a total of 11 values. Still with me? If the value of is "2" then 6 new records would be created in Table ; 3 would have the same values in as previous and 3 would have 1 of 3 additional values from . I've attached a .pdf of the script I've written so far (the script is not working). Here's a key: _TABLES_ Table X = "Master Games" Table Y = "Shows" _LAYOUTS_ Table X Layout1 = Form View Games Table Y Layout2 = Form View Shows _VALUE LISTS_ vx1 = adPackage vy2 = Show Type _FIELDS_ ax = Master Games::gameName bx = Master Games::adPackage cy = Shows::Show Name dy = Shows::Show Type I've probably made this more confusing than it needs to be. Thank you for any and all help! -Gideon NewPromoRecordsScript.pdf
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