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  1. Is it possible to go to a field based on the result of a calculation? For example, elsewhere in a script I may set a variable called $fieldName to the value of "Field6". Later in the script I want to go to that field and get the contents from it. Can I go to Field = $fieldName? I don't see this option anywhere, but it seems like something people would want to do pretty commonly. Is there a workaround?
  2. D J - That worked. I'm actually surprised it did, but it did. Now that I have the contents of the field in the variable, I can go forth and use if for other things. Thanks a lot for your help. BR
  3. Thanks for the reply. What I mean by "return" is that I want to take the value of the clicked-on portal row and set it as a variable. Then move to another table and perform a search based on it. But I can't find the script step that will "get" the contents of the field that I click on. I'll see what I can do with the copy step right now.
  4. I have a portal with a single field in it. That field is defined as a button. I want to be able to return the contents of the clicked field when I click on it. In other words if the portal list looked like this: Mary Sally Bob ... and I clicked on the word Bob, I need a function that will return the word "Bob". I have tried get(activefieldcontents) with no luck. Any help? Thanks
  5. This is good stuff - but my data aren't actually pipe delimited (I'm sorry if that was confusing in my original post). They are filemaker data. I just used the pipes to illustrate where the columns were in the data. So, what I have is data that are in a one-record-per-score format, and I need to report on them with a column for each time-period. Is there an easier way? Any other ideas?
  6. I need to get data that is organized in rows so that I can view it in columns. I have data that take this form: P1 | progA | T1 | 23 P1 | progB | T1 | 31 P1 | progA | T2 | 25 P1 | progB | T2 | 39 P2 | progA | T1 | 10 P2 | progB | T1 | 33 P2 | progA | T2 | 19 P2 | progB | T2 | 32 ... and so on from P1 to P2000. The fourth column is populated by scores at time-periods T1 and T2 for two different tests (progA and progB). I need to report on it so it looks like this: P1 | T1 | T2 progA | 23 | 25 progB | 31 | 39 ... and so on. Do I need to create a T1 a
  7. Veteran: Even after I commit the record, the summary fields still don't update. I tried on a simple database with only one summary field and one data field with the same results. I don't know why this doesn't work. However, Soren's solution is good. I'll re-examine the way I'm approaching this. His file works very well, so I'll learn from that. Thanks very much. Berrett
  8. Mine is instantaneous. What's the context of it taking so long?
  9. My summary fields are calculating correctly, but when I add a new record they go blank. If I leave the layout and come back to it - they are populated correctly again. What's up? Here are my fields: Debit = a number Credit = a number SDebit = Summary field, sum of Debit (running) SCredit = Summary field, sum of Credit (running) Balance = SCredit - SDebit When I add a new record and put data into the field "Debit", as soon as I hit Tab the SDebit field will go blank. Same pattern for Credit and SCredit. Please help.
  10. I have a layout that has several fields in it. All of them are simple editable fields. If I create a new record, I can tab from field to field and fill them all in; however, if I'm viewing an existing record I can only click in ONE of the fields to edit it -- I cannot click into the others! I'm just beginning to experiment with IWP. Is this sort of glitch common? If so, is there anything I can do about it? Thanks.
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