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  1. Hi. I need some guidance: I have two tables, one with event registrations (T1) and one with promotional items (T2). In T1, I have a portal where I select the attendees and then I pull down a list of items that mirror, but are not yet correlated, to T2. I want an inventory field in T2 to decrease as the field in T1 is selected. If you can help, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. I think my issue is related to the one above. I tried to set priviledges as well, but they weren't working like I anticipated. I've done the steps above, but I still get a dialog box upon opening FM. How do I get rid of the dialog box (see attachment).
  3. Me again...hoping that re-addressing this will yield some insight. Thanks if you can help!
  4. Well, here's another: I wish I could be able to distinguish the active field by some type of highlight. I asked this question in a board and what I got was that I should put a color box behind my fields. But all my layouts are of white background and I hate that I need to create a layout for each layout with a color box just so that I can see where I am entering data. Not goinging to go there. That'd be a nightmare everytime I had an adjustment to a layout.
  5. I don't understand. I've managed to get the buttons to do two things at once. Most often, I need to link to another layout and maximize the window ( I hate the resized windows). I've done this and it works the way I mentioned above. PS. I'm trying to learn what scripts are all about but they're frustrating me. I will look at them again one day, when forced by necessity!
  6. What I meant by 'just like all data is required to be' is that my org. has a designated shared folder for everyone in my department to have access to data and to prevent loss (they backup weekly). I'm trying to figure out where we're supposed to have the information if not on the shared. I'm lost as far as accessibility goes if not on the shared. Where else is it supposed to be and still be accessible?
  7. I hate that when I go into specify button, there is no way to figure out what is the current setting, especially if there are multiple selections. For example, say I want to go to a layout and maximize the window. For that I have to highlight both options and hope it applies because once you click on the second action, the highlight switches. Frustrating!
  8. What do you mean put it on my own desktop. This is a database that needs to be accessible by others in my office. Currently, it is on a shared drive, just like all data is required to be. I don't want to lose any of the data. Can you clarify what you mean by your message? Thanks a million!
  9. Just in case anyone has a similar problem...here's what I figured out: Apparently, when I merged data into this new FM database, my contacts got duplicate ID's...which means I now have to manually change them. This is odd to me because I had the IDs set up so as to be automatically generated (last+1). Anyway, after I finish this mundane data entry job, I hope the problem will go away. Thanks for your help!
  10. What do you mean by TO of Contact? What is TO?
  11. Hi everyone. I have a FM7 database on a shared drive that I want to be accessed according to priviledges. I setup the users under "File-Define-Accounts/Priviledges" and then "Edit-Sharing-FileMaker Network", but when I closed out of the program and re-opened it, I was not prompted to enter a username or password. How is this activated? Is this because I'm recognized as the admin user already?
  12. For the links to be easier to view, check out what I was referring to as the 'home page' on the post Wrong Name continually pulled (also in the Layouts forum).
  13. Oh yeah, I needed a separator to the actual layouts...nothing is in the - (dash only) layouts. Without the line, i was having trouble distinguishing importance and groups.
  14. Hey...I've got a better solution inspired by you Inky Phil! If you save that new layout as - (dash only) then it displays just as a thin gray line and does not serve as a layout! Thanks for inspiring this!
  15. In reply to the last comment, I too was wondering what would happen if I ever get that many layouts which extend beyond the column. What I'm doing right now is creating a 'home page' with links to the layouts where I can design the links in such a way that there is logic beyond the list with obscure names. I plan on putting this new layout as a link on the top of each of my layouts.
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