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  1. I've posted this on the technet but thought I'd share it here as well. I have something I would like to share with the Filemaker community. My family owns and operates a bowling center in canada.( www.nebsfunworld.com) I've spent the last 3+ years developing a solution that interacts with a bowling machine and keeps track of bowling scores, all within Filemaker. Here's the link to my blog, http://blog.nebsfunworld.com/ I will be updating this blog more, this is/was a huge project for me and I have not yet shown everything on the blog. Tell me what you think of whats up so far, please be kind Jeff England jeff@nebsfunworld.com
  2. My filemaker solution is a shrink wrapped solution that the general public will be using. The entire interface is created in flash. When they are done using the interface they have the option of sending themselves an email. I am currently using the new send email via smtp in filemaker 10, however there is a 5-10 second delay when the send email script is invoked. During that time you cannot interact with filemaker, which in unacceptable for my solution. I hadn't thought of sending a batch email, every 1 hr. Which isn't too bad of an idea. I would of loved for it to be instantaneous though. Thanks again Jeff
  3. I want the client to tell the server to execute a server side script
  4. Is it possible to execute a server side script from a filemaker client? Thanks Jeff
  5. Some nice addition guys, if I have time later I'll try and add on a time between each keydown. No use in executing the script if they are 2 hours between each click.
  6. If you leave it for 10 seconds, you could run into some problems. However I think if the timer is set for 300 seconds (5 min) that would be a good amount of time and I don't think you would run into any problems.
  7. Yes sorry I wasn't more specific. This is a problem I have with record locking in a multiuser environment.
  8. Filemaker 10 seems to be fixing a lot of my pet peeves. One of my other problems is when a user selects a field to enter data but never commits the records. Using script triggers I can finally solve that problem. Jeff TimerCommit.fp7.zip
  9. Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I saw another filemaker 10 example file here so decided to put it here. This isn't really earth shattering or anything amazing, but I really like it. the "your not in a field warning dialog box", really bugs me, and in my opinion makes my solutions feel unprofessional. I understand the need for it, heck even putting my own custom dialog box saying the exact same thing without the filemaker logo, I think will make me look more professional and help with the illusion that this really is my program. Anyways enough talk, sure smarter people have already thought of this anyways . Jeff FieldEntryWarning.fp7.zip
  10. ok then there are a few ways to go. http://www.isolutions-inc.com/ you can check out this page, as it has lots of information, to communicate flash and filemaker server. There are also a few different ways to talk to flash, one is you can pass parameters through the URL. The other way is to use javascript to execute a flash function using flash's API.
  11. I just have one question first. How is the user interacting with the database? are you using web publishing or a filemaker interface?
  12. There are a few ways, the easiest probably is to export the images to the temp folder (you can get that path by using a filemaker calculation). Then reference the pictures in flash. Jeff
  13. Thanks for the answers, Im trying to find the best/most reliable way of doing this. Jeff England
  14. Hi, I currently have a customized solution that I have spent alot of time on and now have the opportunity to sell it. At my current location we have a filemaker server machine for the filemaker file and everything works great. However here lies the problem. Other locations just want a single computer running the database. Is filemaker reliable enough to stand on its own without server as a product? Right now I have a main menu and to proceed you must always click a certain button (makes more sense if you saw my application) it will make a backup on an external hard drive(save copy) also it will only create one backup every 6 hours. Does anyone see any problems with this approach? and what would be better a runtime or a computer running filemaker 9? Thanks Jeff England
  15. Alrighty thanks for the info guys my problem is closing the app but i'll take a look at your site, thanks for the link. Jeff England
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