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  1. Yes I am quitting FM before copying the files, I am certain there is no duplicate file and I am referring to records and not files (sorry for the confusion). Today I ran Disk Warrior hoping the problem was with my OS but with no luck. I should mention that I am sending a folder with 3 FM databases and a couple of Word files between laptop and desktop and I have been doing this for years with no problems. This bizarre behavior is only happening to only one of the FM databases with the other databases unaffected in the copied folder. This is just totally baffling. Any ideas?
  2. Its the strangest thing. I back up my database between my laptop to desktop everyday. During my last back-up I noticed a lost 4 records. It was upsetting as this represents a bit of work to me. After I finished a record I sent the database back to my laptop with one new record. Surprisingly the 4 lost files reappeared and the new file I just created disappeared. I tried sending the file between laptop and desktop again and the same thing happened. Very bizarre. How can I stop this odd behavior? What is going on?
  3. Thank you so much for answering so quickly. I'm not very strong with calculations. Could you elaborate a bit more what I am to do. It is much appreciated.
  4. I can't figure this out. How can I turn the selections made in a check box field into a sentence. For instance in a field I call "Flooring" I check off hardwood, ceramic and carpet and shows up in another filed as "Flooring is hardwood, ceramic and carpet".
  5. I'm using 8 Advanced v3 and we are not yet on a network.
  6. Thank you for your help Lee. It was much appreciated.
  7. I did think of that but that does appear to be the problem unless I'm missing something. Everything was working properly for them until I updated and sent them the revised database. Noboby changed date settings. Date entry still works properly on my machine. I'm not a pro at this so I am perplexed.
  8. When I enter a date in my data base I enter it as M/D/Y and it displays as M/D/Y. I sent and updated the database to my two co-workers (also Macs) and they are now forced to enter the date as D/M/Y but it displays as M/D/Y as it was set up. How did this happen and how do I correct this?
  9. Thank You I will try that. I have FM advanced but I'm a beginner (sort of).
  10. I have over a 1,000 fields in my form which were created and modified since Filemaker 4. There are, I'm sure, defined field names that are no longer used. I'd like to clean this up but I can't be sure if I'm deleted a field I am actually using on one of my layouts. Is there a way to see if the field is being used or exists on a layout(s)?
  11. When making a pdf in Acobat 7 Pro we see a properly created pdf when viewed on our Macs. After emailing the pdf, a minority of our windows customers see a document where some of the words are condensed to a single spot or just badly over lapping each other. I tried reading it on our windows machine and I was able to recreate the problem using Acobat 5. The problem does not occur when using the latest reader however. The easy thing to do is tell everyone to upgrade but this isn't always practical. The .pdf's affected are not necessarily created by the same Mac and where I would send a document
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