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  1. Thanks for your reply Zach and offer to help. I've just solved the problem which was a stoopid one - a permissions problem for the DB's mirrorsync user's priv set. I should have noticed this earlier - Doh!
  2. I've set up 2 previous clients with MirrorSync v3.x without problem but just trying to setup another client using v4.0. Setting a new config for Server to Pro/Go at step 2 of the hub config (Copy scripts) it does not recognise that the scripts have been pasted in when in fact they have - it refers to 3 scripts but copies 4 - obviously an update is needed. The version of MirrorSync from the java app is "4.0 build 9400" even thought the jnlp file was named MirrorSync3ConfigClient. I'm using FMS 16, FMPA 16 Error message is "Validation Failed: You will not be able to successfully sync. There is no script called 'MirrorSync'. That must exist before proceeding......". I've tried from scratch multiple times. Anyone else had this problem with v4.0?
  3. I've set up a DB on a Mac mini server for a small company. I would like to set up a low cost redundant server on the same LAN but different building. I was thinking of a second mini server running FMS using the same license but with the serverd stopped and server-helper running. If I can one-way sync the hourly database backups from the main server to the standby server would all this work? Issues: Licensing: Would this be OK if the database server is stopped on the standby server (until main server dies and is needed to be started) but with fmsadmin (server-helper) running? File Corruption: I realise it would be very risky to rely on file syncing a live DB but we could live with losing up to an hour's data and relying on the backups. I know there are better ways of doing this but $ is limited. Will this work? Has anyone done something like this? Better ideas without extra FMS license & SyncDek type software?
  4. Thanks for reply David I was trying to round a timestamp to the nearest hour then separate it into date and time. I've figured out how... Set Variable [$now; Value:Get( CurrentHostTimeStamp )] Set Variable [$RoundedDate; Value:GetAsDate( GetAsTimestamp( Round( $now /3600 ; 0 ) *3600 ) )] Set Variable [$RoundedTime; Value:Time( Round( GetAsTime( $now ) /3600 ; 0 ) ; 0 ; 0 )] I'd still welcome better ways if any.
  5. This is just an example to demonstrate my problem... getastimestamp( getasnumber((timestamp(date(1;1;2001) ; time(0;0;0)))) ) returns 1/01/2001 00:00 getasdate( getasnumber((timestamp(date(1;1;2001) ; time(0;0;0)))) / 86400 ) returns 31/12/2000 (Australian formatted date) Am I missing something obvious? Using FMPA 12.0v3
  6. I've just come across a problem not previously encountered. I've just started using FMP11A 11.0v2 and, only for the first record in the database, a couple of value lists do not appear. They appear for all other records. If I duplicate the first record they work OK on the duplicate. If I delete the first record the problem transfers to the new first record. If I make a small change to another field on the layout, the value lists work until the file is closed. Opening the file in FMP8.5A doesn't display the problem. The file is hosted on FMS10 and I've opened it with a full access account. I'm also having problems with these VLs not appearing in PHP CWP. Any clues would be very welcome.
  7. I've installed FMS8 + WPE on an xserve (10.3.9) All goes OK until I try to configure the WPE via the web console. (I'm using a secure/https server) No matter what I try, I keep getting a message... "The web server and Administration Console server must be restarted before continuing to configure the Publishing Engine." Yes I've restarted the processes and the machine a few times to no avail. Also tried uninstalling and reinstalling from scratch. I tried an install on OSX 10.3.9 client and I do get past this point. Any help or pointers to try out would be extremely gratefully accepted. Ta
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