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  1. Alright, I'm designing a solution that will auto-reconcile investment plans and find where discrepancies lie with a bunch of accounts. Currently we do this by hand- using filemaker will save us GOBS of time. And hence make my boss happy. : I've got it calculating differences no problem, but here's where I run into trouble: There are 3 types of identifiers for each account; one table will have all 3, the other will have only 1 or 2 out of the 3. IE: Stock ticker name Account ID type 1 Account ID type 2 when I put them into a relationship, filemaker only match
  2. Its confusing if you try to think of it all at once, but break it down like this: Each artist can have many songs so Make a one to many from Artist --->Songs each CD can have many songs so Make a one to many from CD's ---> Songs Then put all the info about the song in the songs Table , put artist info in the artists table, then have your CD serial number in the CD table. Don't worry about manually relating the Artists table to CD's one, filemaker knows they're already related by virtue of the fact that they're both associated with the songs table.
  3. I'm also making a similar script, and it looks to me like that's just how FM8 works. Unless someone has some crazy script/ plugin that could somehow store which printer was selected for the first print as a calculation and then bump that into all the other print fields, it looks like you have to leave each one seperate. One idea that I might suggest if where you're printing has only a few printers, make seperate scripts for each printer. Simply make them all have no dialogue, set to a specific printer. Name the scripts accordingly, IE "Print to Color Printer" "Print to Copy room
  4. Virtus85


    I'd say put the summary field in the footer. It'll stay at the bottom no matter what then. To do that you need to define a summary field in your database and then just plop it down at the bottom in the footer. I'm also a noob at this but that seems like the easiest thing.
  5. Okay, so I have a relatively smooth running database here, but the design requirements just changed and I'm wondering how to go about this change. The way it stands now: Client-- Each client can have many programs, and the programs can have many inputs. Now, I need to modify the Client to Program relation. Each client can have multiple programs, but any certain one program can be used by one or more of the clients. The way I have it set up now is that the Client ID matches to the client ID in another table, which is assigned to a single program ID, and then all the inputs have
  6. nope, no difference, I'm well within the boundaries on the page layout... this problem also happens when I export to PDF. :
  7. okay, I updated Filemaker and the problem still exists. Even more odd, I'll occasionally get slivers of footer on some pages now. W-T-F :bang:
  8. I tried the PDF export, and interestingly enough it seems as though its also related to the trailing sub-summary. When the list of inputs is too long and the graphic needs to move onto a second page, the footer appears on the page with just the inputs. Other than that, only the last page has a footer. If its part of the layout and not a glitch, how would I fix that?
  9. I'm not allowed to post a copy of the file, sorry. I checked the version here at my office and its just 8.0v1... Do you think its just a glitch? I'll have to talk to my boss about updating later, but thanks for the tip! I'll see if that fixes my problem.
  10. I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out how to fix this, so I figured I'd throw it out there for people a little more experienced with FM8 than me... : I'm creating a printable report that has a description of a program, a list of the inputs for the program, and then a graphic showing a sample output. I put the description in a leading sub-summary, the list of inputs in the body, and the graphic in a trailing sub-summary. Since I want only 1 of these per page, I checked the "page break before each occurence" box on the leading sub summary containing the description. It looks f
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