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  1. I'm helping one of my old customers convert his .FM7 file to .FM12 he's using FM14, he has successfully converted the files, but is having this issue with the webdings font, can anyone recommend a different font and or a work around for this issue. The FM answer is of no use as these characters are applied in layout mode as buttons and are also conditionally formatted.
  2. Quite simply we maintain our existing customers with our V11 releases and they have questions about upgrading or if they can or why they should, and well frankly I have no love for FM anymore. They almost cost me my business with the FM6 upgrade problems and I pumped a lot of money and development time into their platform hoping beyond hope that they would come thru in the end with a litany of issues we all had over the years....well that never happened instead we just kept hacking and finding work arounds. When FM12 hit the boards and within 1 hour of its release they had an official response on their board saying there were conversion and speed problems it was just too much...I bit the bullet and gave in hiring others to do the work that I could do on FM myself transferring our core code to be autonomous to us, no dependency on FM whims. So now I have switched platforms, lost control of the detail work on my solutions, but still have a curiosity and quite frankly animosity for this company that cost me a lot because I hung on to similar words that Steven has spoke of here, its quite frankly all spin as far as I'm concerned, but that's because I've been burned and had no where to turn at critical times with FM. Being totally honest here, nothing more, and hope to save others the same pain somewhere down the road. There is no other forum I'd still love to be part of on a day to day basis, the regulars here are some of the best so this has nothing to do with the forum, sorry LaRetta but you asked.
  3. Yes reality, and very much so, thanks Hal. We quit Filemaker at the release of V12 and have never looked back. Quite frankly instead of trying to convince our clients to spend their money on upgrading FM we have now made more money by charging a bit more for our upgrades, yet saving our clients a bundle by not having to pay FM more and more. The ever increasing price of the FM platform and their notorious policy of spoon feeding features pushed us over the wall at V12 release. Just as a side note I downloaded the FM14 trial and it is still not compatible with most asian language character input, this has been an issue since V7 went unicode and has been duly ignored by FM since then despite countless reports to them directly.
  4. With over 30 years receiving wire transfers its not difficult at all, but I have to say dealing with Americans seems to be a bigger learning curve, the smaller area banks don't seem to be as well setup for them. We also like doing payments with known clients on a quarterly basis in some cases.
  5. We have a restaurant POS system developed in Filemaker, V11 right now, and have gotten a request to issue a temporary wifi password on the customers receipt. My problem is not generating the password, but finding a third party package that I can communicate with to issue and reset wifi passwords on the wifi system. The customer is trying to limit access time, yet give his premium customers the flexibility to stay on during their visits helping him control his long stay customer seating problem without doing this manually via the wifi software. I thought it was worth a try, but having problems finding a solution for the Wifi side that would be flexible enough to issue and perhaps cancel these passwords via external commands from FM. Appreciate any leads on a solution. Rgds
  6. I noticed this in the update to OS X 10.9.3: Resolves an issue that prevented Font Book from installing PostScript Type 1 fonts Can anyone advise if the update has resolved the webding issue by reinstalling the font, or are there any other fixes to this that have come about. I have no way of installing this font again at this time.
  7. In reference to the NIC address, I believe it is comprised of a MAC address that is issued by the IEEE, and is indeed unique. Perhaps this has something to do with how FM deals with the NIC address now, can you clarify for me why the combination described is not in fact unique.
  8. It's quite obvious they will never fix this, suggest you cluge it now, as they most likely will never fix it. As for us we quit using FM for new products as of the release of V12 and all its issues. We will not sit back and wait for spoon fed fixes to all the V12 problems for years, as we did this one that dates back to FM7 as you noted.
  9. To keep the database simple you can add a field to the ingredient table that references a recipe, and auto enter other fields into the ingredient from the referenced recipe, such as the total weight, cost, etc from a relationship IngredRecipe > Recipe. This would give you one level of nesting within your recipe. Such as a Béchamel sauce recipe referenced within a pasta with sauce recipe. To list all ingredients from sub recipes in a top level recipe would be a lot of work and take you to another level of database design, that being an exploded bill of materials. This is where you would have multiple levels of recipes within a top level recipe, such as Pizza containing pizza sauce, within that a recipe for tomato sauce, then sausage, within the sausage could be a recipe for spice blend, pizza skin, within that a recipe for dough, and within that a recipe for a starter, etc.
  10. I recently started playing with this free api that may be of interest: http://labs.foxtailtech.com/#/category/barcode
  11. A hint to help navigate, it won't save the last position you were at but will help you get to a location quickly. Create a new occurrence and name it with only one letter associated with the area you want to go to, such as ccccccc for Contacts. Place this occurence in the location on the graph you want to return to. Now when you open the graph, just hit the c key a bunch of times and the graph will navigate to that occurrence. I do this on all graphs standardizing around the main table occurrence first letter so I can go to product structures in any file by pushing p many times, etc. Just another work around for something that should have been placed in this software years ago....a find for table occurrences.
  12. Not using 12, but do you have show sample data enabled, this can sometimes slow things down.
  13. I think a simple example of a true transaction based inventory system is needed here. I've always had problems with people referencing the tutorial technique above as an inventory transaction, although the error capturing is a good example, the use of an inventory field in a product table is a poor example of maintaining inventory. Transactional inventory for us is one record per transaction in an inventory table. I've never really commented on this in the past, as I do not have the time to "put my money where my mouth is" and write an example of how this is handled, then keep up with the thread. But I think its worth visiting here with a solid example of true transactional inventory control.
  14. FWIW, I've found that trying do this with some sort of auto calc will still leave the setting of the exact dates up to the user admin. These dates will most likely be adjusted based on holidays, or other factors by each Company. We set pay periods from a table Start Date, End Date, pay type. Its a simple task done once a year by hand.
  15. Most of my customers specify their own hardware. But I've used a brand called Birch in the past. They have cost effective models and higher end models. The cheaper ones will be led, and then into the laser scanners. If your in a warehouse environment where you need distance, then a higher end unit would be better. If your doing most of your scanning from a desk environment, then perhaps a cheaper led version would suit you. I have one I test with, it cost about $15 US. I like it because if it will scan something, you can pretty much bet the higher end ones will work also. Most of the USB scanners now are essentially what used to be called keyboard wedge type, meaning when you plug them in they act like a keyboard input device. To test one, simply plug it in open a text document and start scanning. The scanned info should show up in the text document. To use it for database applications you can set the end of scan character, and adjust your database settings so that character moves you from field to field.
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