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  1. Is it possible to insert a graphic (.gif image) into a calculation field? I have created a calculation (below) that generates an email. I would like to add a graph that is currently a .gif file in the area of the email below (see " & Mobile Search Graphic & " below). Is this possible and any education on how this could be done would be most helpful. I am an FM newbie! Thanks in advance for any assistance. John ---------------------------- "Hi " & First Name & ", ¶ ¶I hope all is well! ¶ ¶I wanted to inform you that Google has recently announced that they will be working t
  2. We have a 1:many relationship set up within a database. Is there anyway to associate multiple child records to one parent without using a portal? We want to be able to take advantage of the sliding functionality for the child records as they are of varying lengths but understand that sliding does not work within a portal. Suggestions?
  3. Thanks. I will consider that option, even though I have no idea how to program CWP. I was really hoping there might be a standard method to pull the data to Excel from a report created in IWP. Since I haven't had any responses, it sounds like it may be a pipe dream. Guess I will hope it is an option in FM9. Any further input is appreciated.
  4. I am hosting remotely with Point In Space hosting. Hoping there is still a way to grab the report and copy it to Excel fields.
  5. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction in solving my issue. I posted several days ago and have not had any input from anyone. I was hoping this would be something fairly simple with a script or 3rd party tool. Any help on this is greatly appreciated! Thanks, John
  6. I have several users accessing an Filemaker DB via IWP. They need to run reports and send them by Microsoft Excel. I am trying to take the data from a report layout displaying in the IWP Browser and move it to Excel. I know you can save directly from Filemaker, but a $300 per seat license to do this is not cost effective. Does anyone know an easy way to move data from the IWP Browser into Excel without losing all the formatting? Attached is a screenshot example of the report I am trying to move to Excel. Thanks for any help/advise.
  7. Soren, Thank you for your in depth response, philosophy, and help. I was able to get the set fields to work using the Set Field/Set Variable script you posted up above. It wasn't working the first time and after closing Filemaker and opening it again it worked. Didn't think that needed to be done for the script to work, but it did. Thanks again! John
  8. I should have mentioned that Table A is just a temporary record until the data is validated by the user. It is deleted every time a new record is (hopefully) imported to Table B (permanent record). Background: In Table A users are importing data into about 20 fields. Once they confirm that the data is correct, I want it to be copied to the Table B for continued use. Table A is just 1 record that is used to confirm the fields are correct. Once validated I would like to move it perminantly to Table B. I am currently doing this with a cut/paste script. However there is a problem in
  9. Thank you for the advice. I think I am close, however, my script will not copy the fields from Table A to Table B. Here is my script so far: Go To Layout ["order tracking"(order tracking)] new record/request enter browse mode [] set field [order tracking::name; order import::name] set field [order tracking::PO number; order import::PO number] set field [order tracking::quantity;order import::quantity] commit records/requests Any idea why the records are not being copied from Order Import (Table A) to Order Tracking (Table B )? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. I need to write a script that will copy the entire field contents from 1 table to another. I need to do this for multiple fields. Can anyone help with the "Set Field" parameters to do this? Thanks in advance for any help! John
  11. This is probably pretty easy, but I am new to Filemaker and could use some help. I have two tables with the same fields. One table is used to validate the field. Once validated, I want to copy the contents of the field into the Master Table. Validation Table___________Master Table ------------------------------------------------- Name ---copy entire contents> Name address -copy entire contents> address I want to write a script that will copy from the validation fields to the Master fields (same names) after a user validates the information. I beleive Set Field i
  12. many thanks sbg2!! Your script worked perfect!
  13. I am trying to create a method to import text from email orders we receive into Filemaker. Below is an example of the email text we receive. I would like to capture everything right of the ":" to a related field in Filemaker. I would like to let the user cut and paste the text from the email into a text box in Filemaker. The user would then hit an 'review data' button to move the data to related fields so they can double check the accuracy. Once they confirm the accuracy, they could then hit an Export button to move the data into the Filemaker Orders Database. USER/EMPLOYEE DETAILS:
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