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  1. Help!! Long ago before server-side-scripting and event triggers, in Filemaker 8, we built a dedicated server box to host Dacon's Mailit and Scriptfire plugins. Everything was peachy, until we upgraded to Windows 2007 and Filemaker 10. I was forced to rebuild the script-box and install the latest Scriptfire plugin. Since the rebuild, I have to re-initialize every script after a reboot or crash of the application. This is quite annoying as we have a monthly routine which the Filemaker Server is rebooted. Rather than rebuilding all my scripts for the server-side scripting, I'd rath
  2. Help! We have a database used by about 20 employees throughout the country. Half of them work in our HQ using a client copy of FMP, the others connect via Citrix Presentation software (XenApp). Originally, our db was built in FMP7 which allowed SendMail script step to open the client's email program and populate the text generated by my script. This worked great when all of our engineers were located in our HQ building. Now since everyone has updated to FMP10, I built a new email client system which uses the new SendMail via the built-in SMTP system. This works perfectly, except for
  3. My mistake, I mistyped my thoughts. I do use only unique ID numbers to relate records. Unfortunately My boss who built the initial database had no concept of this. (even though he has db experience dating back to the early 1990s!) I have spent over 180 hours fixing a mistake he made by relating contacts to the rest of the database with a calculation field based on company name plus full name (correcting a typo would break relationship to entire database!) I'll look into that privilege rule you're talking about, that will save me a lot of time if i can integrate it
  4. Thanks for you're reply, I'll consider that. Unfortunately I had to build this system to retrofit an existing complex database of only 14 users. I built the system initially as part of a test database which became a new place to hold custom settings for each user. The new personnel db was created as a sort of basic training for my assistant. The first name and last name is a good idea for relating the two. The Permission system in accounts and privileges does not allow me to give my users permission to choose what records our parnters overseas have access to. I am actually already testin
  5. Hello, I'm trying to build a type of user permission system which will restrict access to specific records and activities (such as exporting data, emailing customers, etc) When a new user is detected in my database currently, it creates a record in a table called "User_Preferences" and stores the Get(AccountName) to the field called Username As training for my assistant, I assigned him the task of creating a new table for personnel records to keep track of employee contact information. I want to link these two together with a field in the personnel table called r_username I
  6. Just curious we are about to completely overhaul our database by upgrading from FMP8 to FMP10, and setting up a Citrix Essentials application layer for our remote offices. Part of our issue is that currently, peachtree quotes are imported as file references to pdf files. I recall that the new version of peachtree accounting software runs SQL, has anyone successfully used Filemaker 10 to access Peachtree data like the quotes database?
  7. So i had an old ATI 64mb dual vga video card at work on my Dell Dimension 3000. I just installed a new GeForce 9400 GT with dual VGA outputs. In addition to this, i have a 3rd (primary monitor) connected to the onboard vga. Anyway, so i updated all drivers, for computer and whatnot. And everything works fine and dandy. Except for my FMP 8 advanced! The program loads fine, however no matter what database i open, they all appear distorted (see attached file for snapshot) FMP works fine on my onboard vga output, but either of my 2 other montiors connected to the new card displ
  8. Really, so I won't have to do 10 or 20 hours of work to fix the relationships?! Thanks
  9. Question - Since I'm not the admin when it comes to the FMP server. If we save a copy and compact it, Will that break all relationships with the other database files that we use? Every database file has numerous relationships to tables on other files, and scripts set to go to related records on other layouts not to mention that we also have a slew of calculated fields in other records that check related fields in the affected database.
  10. Wow! That is scary! I have a database i manage for our international IT company - I have several tables over 5 files that over 30,000 records in each! Thank GOD our company is a 3rd party service provider for Netapp data storage - their snapshot technology lets me 'snap' back to a copy of the database files from any month and any year since we have had the database (Snapshots are taken every hour!) Just as an aside, I had a corupted layout one time, caused when the server crashed while i was editing a layout. Anytime after that when accessing the layout, it would crash the server
  11. Hey everyone, got a bit of a quandary in our database that i can't quite solve. We are running some legacy databases from the days of FMP7, upgraded to FMP 8 (clients and servers). We have around 5 database files all linked together and related to each other for the various departments of our company. Its a rather small database, only about 15 people using it. All of our database files are roughly 100 to 200 megabytes in size, Minus one database. Funny thing is it is not the most complex and largest database that we have in terms of records/relationships/fields/tables, etc. Howe
  12. Question: How hard would it be to synchronize the data between Trac (http://trac.edgewall.org/) and Filemaker Pro 8? I have never used Trac myself, I have used similar adaptations of Trac, and really thing it could benefit my company. One of the services we offer is 3rd party support for server systems, and our engineers are on call 24/7. Perhaps it would be worth it for them to use a system like Trac for interface with our engineering databases. I could not find anything on the web after doing a brief search Regards, - Mike
  13. Hey all, not sure if this is the correct forum for asking this but i figured since this is all about building layouts it might be the place. I am very interested in buying a wacom tablet for my office. I am not the graphic artist or anything. I am simply looking for a way to sketch out and layout graphics quickly and easily. And since I use my mouse with my right hand, but i am left-handed at writing, I could easily use both at the same time. Does anyone know how handy (no pun intended!) wacom tablets are with making layouts in filemaker pro? Is it worth my time? What models would yo
  14. Allow me to correct myself, I was not opening the same files we are hosting on my personal computer. I had a database of layouts (theme-library, great collection) - when opening over the network (residing in a folder on our NAS) i experience the same lag as when i copied that file to my personal computer and opened it.
  15. Correct, But i have also encountered the same lag in performance when loading other database not being served on my own machine
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