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  1. Hi all I have the advanced version of ScriptMaster. I generated a plugin with some of the ScriptMaster File Management commands, Check Whether File Exists Copy File DeleteFileOrFolder Move or Rename File etc I added this plugin to a runtime solution, on startup, the runtime registers its own plugin. All fine. I have a script that goes to a folder in Program Files, creates a new folder within it, then moves a few files around. Tested it on my PC and a couple of others, all works fine. A few other people running the runtime have reported errors. I have narrowed it
  2. Hi Clemhoff Am I able to just pull individual tags using these jars? If so how would I change the script for this? Again, really appreciate the help Thanks, Ed
  3. Apologies for opening an older thread but just in case someone comes across this again. Check out Fusion Charts http://www.fusioncharts.com/extensions/filemaker/ This is how I get charts into my Runtimes
  4. This is done by using a self-join relationship with a counter. It's actually documented pretty well in the Help. In FM Help search for Finding Duplicate values using a self-join relationship
  5. Lee, Get ( FileSize ) returns the size of the active database file doesn't it? Original poster was after the file size of a file stored inside a container
  6. Grabbing the filename is easy, no function required. Just create a calculation field... FileName, result should be Text Filename = ContainerField Returns the filename of the file in the container field There is nothing within FileMaker to get the filesize but can be done with a custom function http://filemaker.suisolutions.com/tips_and_tricks/get_container_size/ What do you want to return for format?
  7. Yes, drag & drop in FM12 will store the image exactly the same as if you had used the menu to insert picture
  8. Many thanks again for helping. Is it possible to either decode the base64 in that tag, skip/ignore the tag altogether or alternatively can I grab a specified set of tags instead of grabbing them all and risk it falling over on an issue like this? Thanks
  9. In Layout mode, right click the name field and choose Button Setup In the list, select go to Layout, then select the layout where users go to edit the record This is assuming that the list view layout and the editing layout are from the same Table If they are not part of the same Table then the option you need t choose is go to Related Record, choose the relationship to use and the layout to use - this is assuming that the 2 tables are related by client. Ed
  10. To get your "Insert Video" button to work and for the browsing window to show, focus must be on the container field before trying to insert the video. So in your button script, before your "Insert Quicktime" step, add a step to go to Field (your container field) Very simply, something like this... Go to Field [MyTable::MyContainerField] Insert QuickTime[] The browsing window will then show Ed
  11. Hi You cannot do this natively in FileMaker but you can using the free Scriptmaster file from 360Works. http://www.360works.com/scriptmaster/ Select the module "List All Files In Directory" You then have 3 choices... 1) Register the function with ScriptMaster. Register the module on startup of the Scriptmaster file, then in your main database call the Scriptmaster file on startup. The function will then show under the Scriptmaster plugin in External Functions 2) Paste the module code into your solution. Copy the code that the Scriptmaster file gives you. Then set a variabl
  12. That's extremely kind of you and makes much more sense now! I have added a record and reattached the file here. In this image you can see that the Directory of Exif IFD0 exists but no tags are returned from it. This image 100% has tags under this Dir as if I run it under any other Exif reader program it returns the camera make/model etc. For example exporting the filed contents of my image and uploading it to http://exif-viewer.com/ shows the Make/Model/Software/Orientation etc Do you have any idea why this would be? The library perhaps? Many thanks once again for all your hel
  13. Ahhhh! Sorry, very new to Scriptmaster and to Java for that matter. I thought the jars tab was just a reference of which jars the script used, I didn't realise there was functionality behind those checkboxes being ticked. That makes much more sense! I think in some cases all stream are being returned but in others this is not the case. I have 5 images for example. Within scriptmaster, with this new module, it is only returning data for [Exif SubIFD] I have the Troi File Plugin which also can read Exif data. This is returning much more information including for example Exif Tag 2
  14. Hi Clemhoff, I tried your edit and I'm getting somewhere now Without calling anything, i.e. just purely using your code. I get an output now for a container field. It is limited output though, not a lot of Exif data coming through. From what I understand about Exif data, the data is stored in Directories of data. The current output looks like it is just loading 1 directory [Exif SubIFD] I suspect it is something I am doing rather than your code. Is this because I am not calling in the jar files? What would be the correct format for doing this? The images will be stored in th
  15. I have this at the start import com.xmpcore.*; import com.metadata-extractor-2.6.4.*; But the import of metadata-extractor throws up its own errors. Am I calling it incorrectly? Thanks
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