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  1. I am new to Filemaker and would appreciate a little basic help. I have designed a database for my on-line username and passwords. Can someone tell me the best way to create a button next to the field so I can copy the information in the box at the click of a button. Then I can just paste it into the username on the website. Thanks for helping.
  2. akfruit

    Number format

    Thanks for that its works FINE
  3. akfruit

    Number format

    Hi John This field will always be 9 digits and there will be no leading zeros. It can be a number field but I suppose a text field would be OK as well. Hope this helps and thanks.
  4. akfruit

    Number format

    I have a number XXXXXXXXX I want to display this as XXX XXXX XX. Anyone able to help me then I would appreciate your help. Thanks in advance
  5. Whenever I create a new record each file increments by 1. This shows how many companies I have. EG 1 2 3 But say that I delete number 2. How can I then create another company so that it automatically numbers this as 2 and not 4? Thanks in advance if someone can help.
  6. When I create a new company in my database I want Filemaker to automatically add the word LIMITED to the end of the field. e.g. I type in Wallwen then Filemaker adds in LIMITED.So the full field shows WALLWEN LIMITED.
  7. Hello Forum I have attached a file that hopefully explains what I am trying to achieve. I want to save PDF, WORD files, etc into my database that show name of file and file type and description. Then when I click on this file it opens to allow me to view the file. In any one database I will have at most 20 different documents or files. Hope someone can give me a little help on this. Thanks in advance. Martin INSERT_FILE.bmp
  8. How do you add more continents then countries within this attached file? Thanks Martin
  9. I have created my business contact database with around 200 fields. All of these fields are in one database table. My different tabs are for example Director 1, Director 2, Co sec, Subscriber, etc. How do I create more tables then link these all up so I can seperate my tab list a lot more easily. So say that my Director 1 tab fields of say 20 boxes are in one database table. Hope someone can help. Thanks Martin
  10. I am designing a label template. But an example below is how to stop the printing from leaving gaps when field is empty. EG Director ABC Credit Ltd 12 The Road Town "field is blank" Postcode So when I print I want it to print as Director ABC Credit Ltd 12 The Road Town Postcode Please note I need to be able to do this for any line on the label if it is an empty field. Hope someone can help. I am pulling my hair out! Martin
  11. Is there a way or maybe a Filemaker addon that allows me to copy then paste addresses from say a website straight into a database field. I have to copy 5000 addresses from one progam into my database. Hope someone can help.
  12. When I open a new record I need to be able to have 2 fields automatically enter some pre defined data. Some of the data may be a date range and sometimes just some plain text. Hope someone can help me to do this. Thanks Martin
  13. Hello Folks Further to my post yesterday to say that it works. I have encoutered a little problem. When I open a new record Iget "()" automatically showing in the field. Anybody know why this is happening? Thanks Martin
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