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  1. LaRetta, thank you so much for all your help and patience. I have cleaned up my db's as you mentioned and re-imported the raw data into my Calibration Assets from the spreadsheet. The fields on the new layout I created in the Calibration db do get pulled in but when I create a "new record" in the Assets db and attempt to import THAT new record into the Calibration db it will not import? It's like any raw data records that were imported from the spreadsheet will import but none of the new ones created in the assets db will not? I guess this version of Filemaker has changed, it seems much m
  2. LaRetta/Lee Smith Lee i've updated my profile as requested. LaRetta thank you for the help you are giving me. When I finished creating the Calibration Assets db I imported the raw data into it from the excel file you mentioned, I then created the Calibration db and imported raw data into it from a different excel file. I created the relationship from the excel spreadsheet you mentioned just to show that it was working for the excel spreadsheet, so what should I do. Should I delete the data in both db's and re-import the data from the 2 excel files? I'm sorry i'm not real familiar
  3. FMpro Advanced ver 12.0v4, Â Â I created a new database "Calibration Assets (CA)", which I imported some data into from an Excel spread sheet( filemaker assets list 7_8_14.xls). Â I created another database " Calibration ( C )" and would like to pull in some data from CA. Â When I try to create the relationship in C, I pick the CA db in the specify table window and when the file opens it's blank? Â Where are the fields? Â I have attached a jpg so you can see what I am looking at. Â FYI, I was able to create a relationship to the Excel spreadsheet, but, not the CA db. Â Â Â Â I really
  4. Thank you for all the responses. The problem I am having is that, in order to save time, users will sometimes copy a record (ctrl-D) then just change some data fields and forget to change other data fields that should also be changed. It causes problems internally in our office. I guess I would like to remove access to the ctrl-d hot key and the top menu, records> duplicate record for certain users. Is this even possible?
  5. I have FMP Advanced 12.0, Is it possible to set up a user account as Data Entry but without the ability of duplicating a record or copying a record.
  6. I'm not an IT guy and our IT guy is not a Filemaker guy. We have Filemaker Server 8 v4 on one server and we want to move it, and the fm files we are using, to another server. What is the best way to do this? Should we just uninstall 1st and re-install on new server, any pitfalls, etc;? We don't want to have any problems. Thank you very much.
  7. I was wondering what would be the easiest way to change an existing field that will pop up a small message when certain data is put into it? For example: I have a "customer name" field that if I ever enter a certain customers name, I would like to have a message pop up say "please do not order material for this customer "
  8. OK that makes alot of sense. It worked thank you VERY VERY much.
  9. I have a script to run a report and it is setup the following way... 1) Go To Layout "X" 2) Enter Find Mode [Restore] 2a)Specify find request setup for 2 fields 3) Perform Find/Replace [No Dialog] 4) Sort Records [Restore; No Dialog] For some reason when the script runs I have to click a "find" button on the status area on the left of the screen to continue the script? Why won't the perform find/replace[no dialog] step do this for me instead of me having to click on the find button?
  10. So just change the field from auto-enter data to a straight calculation. Thank you very much Mr-Vodka, I really appreciate it!
  11. Is there a way for the Auto-enter data in a field be overridden by the data that was entered when the record was duplicated? For example field "A" has "n/a" as being auto-entered upon creation, I change field "A" to say "b/a", I then duplicate the record, but in the new record, field "A" reverts back to "n/a" instead of staying as "b/a".
  12. I am creating a simple "Training" database for my company. We would like to track employees and departments that need training. We are planning the following fields, Employee name, Department, Training Type, Date training planned, Date training completed, We would also like to run reports on employees that have training scheduled but not completed. I'm not sure how to set it up, whether or not I should be using repeating fields, etc; we have about 20 different training types, and about 5 different departments. We only need a report to display the training not completed per employe
  13. Ender Thank you for your help. I finally got it worked out! I appreciate your help on moving me in the right direction. Thx again
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