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  1. Hi All, We are moving our solution from one server to another (different IP address and server name). I'd like to contact each of the users in the "accounts" tab in File > Manage > Security and notify them of the change prior to actually making the change. Is this possible? Many thanks in advance.
  2. For anyone who cares, here's the solution: Create two new rules in Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. One is for UDP port 16000 and the other is for TCP port 16000. The FileMaker Server rule with "All Ports" doesn't seem to cut it. Basically click New Rule > Port > TCP/UDP > Specific Local Port = 16000 > Allow the Connection > Choose your profile (domain, private, public) and then name it something clever.
  3. Wim, Thanks for your response. I'll check out the FM script steps. But really, I shouldn't have to. It should work as advertised without going through the brain damage of creating a script to work around this problem, right? Yes, it's the same workstation. And yes, I clicked the "interactive content" radio button in the inspector. I don't know of any other way to get a PDF to display in a container field. Again, many thanks for your help.
  4. We just upgraded to FMSA 12 from version 11. It appears that when pasting information into a text field the text's format comes along for the ride. This didn't happen in version 11. I'm assuming it's because of themes? We often copy from one source of information (email, web, word documents, etc.) into FileMaker. Having differing fonts and sizes in text fields has become annoying to the users. Is it possible to turn this new "feature" off? Or, is there some other way of maintaing the font and size that is configured for the field? Many thanks.
  5. Howdy, First, this solution works as a stand-alone file on my desktop. Yet, when I upload it to the server it does not. I have a container field that holds a PDF. I have a layout with the container field on it. When I open the layout FileMaker churns for 30+ seconds then comes back with a message in the container field "This program cannot display the webpage." I know the PDF is on the server because I can "export field contents" to a file on my desktop and view it. This isn't a work-around because the solution is server hosted and PC environment variables (%username% or %userprofile
  6. I'm also looking for alternatives to this warning message. Here's one I found - not free... http://filemaker-plugins.com/outlook-sendmail/
  7. Cheese and crakers! I figured it out and it was too simple. The calculation should be: Case ( grant_contract = "grant" ; department::grant_person ; grant_contract = "contract" ; department::contract_person ) My apologies for posting needlessly.
  8. Hi, I have two tables with related "department" fields: Awards (table) Department (text field) Person (text field) Grant_Contract (text field) Department (table) Department (text field) Contract_Person (text field) Grant_Person (text field) If the Departments are the same in both tables I'd like to pull in the appropriate person from the Department table based on the data contained in the Awards::Grant_Contract field. Example: If the Awards::Grant_Contract field = "Grant" then the Awards::Person field = Department::Grant_Person field. I've tried this
  9. LaRetta, This is wonderful! I had one of those "ah-ha" moments the instant I looked at the relationship graph. I am glad I asked the question, but am now embarrassed because it falls into the "why didn't I think of that" category. A hearty thanks and a zesty dancing chili pepper for you. :chili:
  10. No apologies necessary. I really appreciate that you're taking the time to look into this. It is the first example you gave. Our staff review a contract and if they find something that has "humans" in it, they will enter free form text in the human_comment field. An example might be "Contract requires human subject protocol approval by an approved reviewing committee." Once done, (and back to my original question) a check mark automatically displays in the adjacent field (human). BTW, Vaughan came up with a nice solution to this, although I had to change the field type from text to c
  11. Hi LaRetta, The comments are specific to the type. Staff will enter one comment per type, where appropriate. That is, if there are humans involved in the contract there will only be one unique "human" comment. Same goes for all the other types. Thanks.
  12. Thanks to all for your input. I'm intrigued with the relational table suggestion because it may well solve a looming reporting requirement later down the road. However, I'm not grasping how it would help in my situation. Please see the attached file. The "required" layout is to be used like a checklist for the data input people. All input fields must be visible because they will act as a visual cue to check the contract for certain clauses. I understand that I can put these elements in a value list and create a related table, but a dropdown or menu in a "portal" arrangement is not su
  13. Howdy, I'm trying to create a script trigger. I have several fields and associated "comment" fields. Like this: abc abc_comment defg defg_comment The trigger would be if the abc_comment field has text in it, put a "Y" in the abc field. I'm sure it can be done, but I'm not smart enough to figure out how to read just the first part of the field name and parse out the "_comment" part. I'm currently using the function below to get the name of the active field. GetFieldName ( Evaluate(Get(ActiveFieldName))) Any help is greatly appreciated. P.S. I guess I
  14. Hello, My apologies if this isn't in right the area. We have a database on FMSA 11 (WIN). We also have a Win2K8 server that is holding scanned PDF documents that we now like to integrate into the database. Is is possible for FileMaker to somehow connect and display the contents of a shared directory? We don't have the resources right now for something like SuperContainer... Ideally, we would like to "relate" the two systems. Example: In the database we have a field which holds the value 154-1234. On the shared drive we have many folders, but would like to view the contents of
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