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  1. Lee the private Topic method does not seem to be available for this thread.. ?
  2. Hi Nuri having a wee bit of trouble in understanding your needs. First I am thinking you might gain benefit by some online FileMaker training. That will give you a 24 hours pass at Lynda.com and you can review the FIleMaker training videos http://www.lynda.com/promo/freepass/Default.aspx?lpk35=930&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=ldc_affiliate&utm_content=655&utm_campaign=%ADD_CODE&bid=655&aid=CD675&dp=2625&opt= Second it looks like you need a set of keys as follows. Table: Tours Parent Key: Tour ID = Tour ID on Child Table: Buses Thinking is that you would add a bus to the tour.. you assign the bus to the tour by attaching the Tour ID to the Bus record. Services can tied in by the Bus ID and The Tour ID in a similar manner as above. If you need more detailed help feel free to post to me or go to our website: http://www.terrasoftware.com We can setup a screen share and go through it if you need to.
  3. If you can sneak one more development team into the mix, one of our Senior developers is based in Truro and would easily be able to help you. http://www.terrasoftware.com Feel free to contact us
  4. Ok well I have that pesky problem where WPE does not have the ability to conduct SSL over the WAN with a WebServer. Has anyone come up with a workaround that [color:red]DOES NOT involve installing the WPE on the Webserver Box ?
  5. If you need immediate help we have skilled talent / manpower available. My firm's name is Terra Software Corporation, we are based out of Calgary, Alberta Canada. We service most of our clients remotely in on manner or another and have several clients outside the country. Please provide your RFP (Request for Proposal) and or sample files with requirments for completetion directly to my email ferrell@terrasoftware.com
  6. Kevin If I am clear on your question you do the exact same thing in FileMaker; provided your using FileMaker 7, 8 or 8.5. Create a new Table in the FM file "dates" and join it by a constant (either calculate 1 or auto enter 1) and connect it to the same field with the same content in the Parent table. Alternatively you can do a "X" (cross-predicate or cross-join) just make sure the Child field in the predicate of the relationship contains a value.
  7. Xserves are just fine for this, infact all of our hosted FileMaker clients and otherwise are generally working off Xserves. Except in cases where Microsoft specific server software applications are required. As far as swapping out drives I am not clear on why it is necessary for such a small amount of data. Further to that the new Intel Xserves do provide for the use of SCSI drives if needed. That being said our next round of gear purchase will include some of the new Intel xserves with the faster SCSI drives.. but the drive choice is more for our needs in hosting applications and files for our clients. Anders if you want to give external hosting a shot I would be willing to give you free hosting for a couple months on our servers sitting in the North American Data centre... this would give you a true test of WAN accessibility with your FileMaker DB. Just contact me directly ferrell@terrasoftware.com
  8. Pupiweb one suggestion I can make is that for the "True Tabs" change the font size to 1 point and reduce your overlaced graphic to smaller size.. this will help to reduct the possible impact of a user discovering the hole in this technic. Also one minor challenge with this technique is that in order to have borders for the Tabs and Tab areas, an indepent set of graphics is needed. Just means a little more design effort but if you working smart off of your inventory of templates its worth it for this functionality. What we need FileMaker to do is provide for scripting off of a natural Tab...
  9. Hi Gideon, I am personally interested in taking a look at the remaining 15% to get your project / application to the top. Both myself and my firm have a fair bit of experience assisting other developers and corps in development, tweaking and get that last ounce of functionality out of a solution. Please feel free to contact me by email listed in my profile, or visit our website http://www.terrasoftware.com
  10. If your still looking for a solution we would be interested in the details of what you would like to accomplish. On the surface what you have described should be relatively straight forward and not difficult to source a base table or data to work with. http://www.terrasoftware.com
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