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  1. This has all been tremendously helpful. If we could discuss this in more depth, that would be terrific. You can reach me at charles.outcalt at gmail.com Thanks!
  2. You are going to think I'm such a dunce. Maybe I am. I spent a few hours with this last night and today. I think I understand what you did well enough to make it work, but I can't quite add new features. For example, I would like to add a portal on the student page showing the scholarships for which a student is qualified. I did manage to create a scholarship requirements table, and reflect those requirements in the scholarships layout. However, I could not get the qualified scholarships to appear on the student's layout--and then the relationship between scholarship requirements
  3. Barbara, this is tremendous. I am going to spend the evening studying this. I really owe you. Do you have a favorite charity? If so, I'd be glad to make a contribution in your honor. Just let me know :
  4. Thanks, Barbara. I am certainly open to any and all suggestions! I have the tables and fields more or less as I want them, but it's the relationships that are stumping me :
  5. Barbara, thanks again. I have spent some time working on this (aka beating my head against it!), taking your good advice into account. I have created a very simple version of the file, as far as I can figure it out. I'm not trying to anything fancy here in terms of formatting, valid records, etc. Instead, I'm just trying for a template with valid architecture that I can tweak. As you will see, I have created the Student/Family, School, Scholarship, Association and Application tables, and given each of them a dummy record. I have established relationships between these tables, t
  6. Hey! Thank you SO MUCH for your quick and helpful reply. I will spend some time reading and reflecting on what you said asap. I want to take it all in before I come back with more questions. Thanks again!
  7. I find that FM is like a foreign language: If I don't use it every day, it fades away. I have what I believe is a simple project, and maybe one I could have done back in the day when I was more fluent in FileMaker. I have four kinds of data: 1. Information on students (names, grades, etc.) 2. Information on schools (addresses, admissions requirements, etc.) 3. Information on associations of schools (northeast, south, etc.; all schools belong to at least one association, some belong to several) 4. Information on scholarships. Some are available for cert
  8. Thanks, Ender. You have saved me lots of grief (again!). I appreciate it. Charles
  9. Hello, and thanks for your quick response. Unfortunately, I do not have the 'Insert' button--I have the first row ('Create,' 'Change,' 'Delete') but I do not have a row under that, even though one did appear in the training video on the FM website.
  10. I have been confounded by the absence of the 'Import' button in my define table dialogue box. I would like to import the database schema, but not the data itself, from one file to another. According to the help files, and even a video that I found, there should be an 'Import' button under the 'Create,' 'Change' and 'Delete' buttons, but I do not have this 'Import' feature. I am using FileMaker Pro 8.5v1 (not the Advance version). If anyone can help on this, I would very much appreciate it!
  11. What you say makes sense to me. Still, as I read through the past posts on this, and as I saw all the work you put into trying to help me, I couldn't help but think how great it would be if FM had a great big "de-duplicate" button somewhere. Thanks again for all your great help.
  12. Looks like you posted your follow-up while I was posting mine. I'll keep your method in mind for future use. Looks very handy! Thanks again--Charles
  13. Hey! I wanted to share a resolution with you all. This is not the most elegant solution in the world, but it took five minutes, and so I thought I would pass it on in case it's useful to anyone. I imported all the records, all 38,000 of them. Next, I created a value list based on the award type field. Next, I displayed that field as a checklist, based on that value list. When I stretched that field wide enough, it showed all 200 values, with checkboxes next to teach. Next, I created a serial value field and set it to increase by one each time I created a new record. In the next
  14. Thanks for these threads. I have read them, and am left as confused as ever (as I was by the FM help). I've been working on this problem for a couple hours now, studying the past posts, FM help, and my hand FM manual. I can't believe something seemingly so important could be this tough! I appreciate your taking the time to find those past threads for me.
  15. Thanks for this idea, this seems very promising. Here's the problem I'm having: How can I update matching records in the copy file, if I have deleted all the records in that file? That part isn't quite making sense for me yet. Thanks again!
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