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  1. You can try this: Make a global container field with the "Sold" sign you love. Make a calculation field with a container output using a formula like this: If ( Status field = "Sold" ; Sold Container field ; "") That formula says that if the picture is sold, then show the container field with the Sold sign, otherwise don't show anything. -Conner
  2. Hi, FMP fans! How do I enable a portal so that I can create new records from that portal? I've done this on a db I created about a year ago, and now I can't figure out how to do it a 2nd time. The worst! -Conner Fenton is my hero
  3. All clients are getting idle time log-off from an account attached to a Privilege Set that is not ticked for this. The time is random. Sometimes it is every ten minutes, sometimes not at all for a day. Version 7 on different server hardware did the same thing. The client is set up for multiple network applications and only Filemaker databases drop (the other network applications remain okay). Pro Version: 8.5 v2 Server Version: 8.0 v4 Clinet OS: Windows XP Server OS: Windows Server 2003
  4. Hi, all! I have a Privilege Set with the option "Disconnect user from FileMaker Server when idle" unchecked (inactive), but users signed into that Privilege Set keep getting logged off. Any ideas what might be causing this? Thank, FM fans!
  5. I have two fields marked with the Storage option "Use global storage (one value for all records)" One is a date type field and the other is a number type field. When I close and reopen the db, FMP "remembers" the date field, but "forgets" the number field (it goes back to being blank). Why is this and how do I make FMP remember the number field? I know I could create these two fields in a new Table that would have only one record, but I'd rather KISS (keep it super simple) and limit the number of Tables.
  6. Ender is right. If you still want to see the date combined with the serial number, simply create a calculation field with the formula: Serial & Creation Date
  7. I have a way to do this, but it is not fun. There are two steps: 1. Create a calculation field that says: if ( isblank (Tickets) ; "" ; "1") This is assuming you have separate fields for tickets, call backs and one timers. If that is not the case and you use a dropdown for these Types, just use "if ( type = "tickets" ; "1" ; "" ) where "type" is the name of the field with the dropdown. 2. Then create at summary field that counts the calculation field above. Repeat the steps above for call backs and one timers Then, put the summary fields in the footer. I hide the calc
  8. Another db I've worked with (GoldMine) can save exports so users do not have to select the fields they want to export each time they run one. Does FMP have this?
  9. Hi, FMP Fans! I have a Table that contains a date Field, among others. Whenever a new record is created, the date automatically fills this date Field. I would like to create another layout that shows how many records were created today and for each day of the past week or two. Preferably, this would look like a bar chart. How can I create this layout?
  10. I have a bug database with several Sort buttons that run scripts. During these scripts, the name of the active Sort is pasted into a field so the user knows if a Sort is active and the name of that Sort. Everyone loves this so much, they want it in other databases and for it to appear when Sorts are ran manually in place of from a script. Is there an automated way to display the current Sort in a field? -Thanks, FMP Fans!
  11. Hi, Use the Go to Field script step, specify the container field, and check the Select/perform box. Unfortunately, this pauses the script until the user presses Esc. Does anyone know how to overcome this and have the movie continue to play? -Conner
  12. <------ Feels Dumb Thanks for the great solution! -Conner
  13. Hi, FMP Fans! I've got one for ya: Setup - Two Databases (Employee and Bug) - Records in the Bug db have an Employee field - This field uses a Value List that looks at the Employee field in the Employee db via the "Use value list from another file" Value List option - The Employee db has a field called Status that is marked either "Current" or "Former". In several layouts and Value Lists, the Employee db shows only "Current" employees by scrips that run a find for "Current". Question Can I have the Value List in the Bug db show only "Current" employees s
  14. Ricardo, I'm not sure on a lot of the terms you use, but I think you need to use a Calculation field with Specify Calculation = to Sub1 & " " & Sub2. Just change the extention form .bmp to .fp7. -Conner 2fieldsto1vl.bmp
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