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  1. I created a file path field so as to access my quicktime movies via the web viewer. I set the calculation to the filepath field and I'm getting nothing. Do these movies automatically load like a web page. Is there additional scripting required? Is there a sure way to determine whether you have the correct file path? Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. I just learned how to relate the same table occurance allowing me to create a portal on a form layout within the same table, but after thinking about it I thought I had read somewhere that portals would not work in a web published enviroment. I started out with a separate list view layout and had a header containing a couple buttons, and then later read that the header would not work properly in a web published environment. If both of these things are true is there another approach to accomplishing my objective. I would prefer having a list type view contained on the same form layout
  3. Tell me it ain't so. Is it true that portals are not web compatible?
  4. I guess I didn't understand the cartesian join concept, but after selecting that and changing it from the equijoin, all the records now show up in the portal. Thankyou.
  5. Just noticed my post title is a typo. It is supposed to be self join portal.
  6. I'm not sure this is the right terminology for what I'm trying to accomplish, but is a self join basically replicating a table occurance alowing me to relate to the same data in a different manner? Anyway, I guess I'm trying to accomplish what I think would be a many to many relationship within the same table, or in other words I want to see an individual record in form view as I select it from a portal containing all the records within the same table and on the same layout. Or is this doable?
  7. Is there a way to capture a full web page within the web viewer,(even though the web viewer windows dimensions are too small to show the entire web page), save it as a PDF, and then insert it into a container field?
  8. Is there a problem with having two unique primary keys in the same table and layout? I want to track two different types of customers in a single customer table rather than making two separate tables. Is this unusual and am I asking for problems? Thanks
  9. OK, here's the deal. Time is of the essence and I need a crash course on getting all learned up on this Filemaker stuff. I need to move from novice to semi-pro in the shortest period of time. Obviously I'm looking for the best FM resource that can make the complex look easy, and at a reasonable cost. Online training with peronal consultation support if I got stumped would be ideal, but I realize I probably can't have my cake and eat it too. Any (I will not be disappointed) suggestions? Also, since most of what I'm trying to develop would be web published, an emphasis in that area wo
  10. 1. Do the tabs layout feature in FM 8 advanced work with a web published database? 2. Since I can't seem to get any help in controlling access to data within the FM desktop application, is there a simple and secure way of downloading record data from a web solution and then importing that data into a mirrored desktop solution? 3. If I want to publish online Quicktime video files within individual records, what are the most critical components in serving those files properly.. (memory), (CPU), (harddrive), or (bandwidth)? 4. Does the 100 simultaneous user limitation (FM Serve
  11. Will a Filemaker field except barcodes. If so how would the field be be formatted, text, number, container?
  12. For those of us who are not yet expert I just discovered that all quicktime files are not equal. I created a quicktime file and put it into the container field I created but it would not open or play within the field. I went back and saw that there was a number of different options to save as a quicktime file. My original file had a suffix.dv which would play via the quicktime player if it were a referenced file. I went back and saved the movie under a simple quicktime movie file (which is what I thought I was doing initially), and it opens into the mini player inside the field and works nicel
  13. Thank you! The second method you suggested seems to work as I had hoped. I can create a new customer record from a button in the business table taking me to the customer table and inserting the business ID on the customer side. I then dragged the customer ID and the customer status fields over from the customer table into the business table so that I will be able to determine whether the business is a customer based on whether they have a customer ID.
  14. Why are my container fields grayed out in my relationship graph. Every other field is normal. Also when I put a quicktime video file into the container field it won't play unless I create a file reference. Anyone know whats going on?
  15. I'm working on a runtime application. Whenever you make it a stand alone app can it contain data before the runtime process and if so will that data remain after the process is complete? In other words I want to create an ID for the runtime app coming from another related filemaker file, and then burn individual disks containing unique ID's for each app.
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