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  1. Thank you, you've put put my mind at rest about our Preference File approach. Plus your global calculation is very cool as an additional technique.
  2. We have a fairly complex application with dozens of related tables in one particular database. We build complex html files and URLs from these related tables. I'm not a professional developer however over this thing has got big and complex over many years. When building HTML & URL's we need to be able to use characters that are normally reserved for special uses in Filemaker calculations, eg speachmarks are reserved for identifying text in Filemaker calculations. The way we get around this is to have a Constants Table in the database. It only has One Record, and in the various fi
  3. Thanks for replies, I've taken another look and see there was an extra (invisible) character in all the incoming eMails addresses I'm importing, so yes once that is cleaned up the Match does happily work between two eMail addresses in STAFF and EMAILS.
  4. Two Questions here, 1) eMails addresses as Match Fields 2) Best way to store and reuse special characters such as Quotation Marks I'm hoping use to eMail addresses as the Match Fields to create a Relationship between 2 tables, STAFF and EMAILS. When an EMAIL is received I want to automatically make it a Child of the Parent STAFF. However Filemaker doesn't seem to like the @ (ampersand) and period (dot) in the eMail addresses and the Match Fields don't join. Does anyone have a more elegant solution than my work around described below? I already have a Relationship between KEY FIELDS w
  5. I'm on FM8.5 and XP with an app converted from v6 2 yrs ago. I'm now reading your site regarding FMRobot v2. It sounds like what I'm looking for. How does it handle this situation? Suppose you have 4 external files/db's (I have 20) A,B,C,D. You import B external in the new "Master" being A. Can you reapply TO's/relationships between A&B now internally in A, then externally with B&C, then when you bring C into A do the same thing and so with D?
  6. Sorry I hadn't updated my profile. I'm on FM 8.5 and Win XP. The applications were converted from v6 a couple of years ago. From what I'm reading there is no way to automate or semi-automate the integration of many external tables into only one, because there is no way to auto transfer many external table occurances and relationships into the one table.
  7. Hi All, I have a reasonably complex application built over many years made up of 20 separate files/db's all with many relationships to several of the other files/db's. I am thinking of combining all the files/db's into one, and I understand Filemaker Advanced (I just have FM Pro) lets you import tables, and copy/paste layouts & scripts. However in the FM Advanced doco I see no mention of importing realtionships. Does this mean you have to manually recreate every single relationship, and find and debug every instance where you've used that relationship? This looks like a dau
  8. I am using HTTP request to Import a RSS feed into my Filemaker 8 database. I'd like to use an automated script to follow the URL in the RSS feed and import that webpage/html into the database as well. This is necessary because the URL links to classified ads which only remain on a site for 7 days, however we want to follow them up 2 weeks later. Is there a method or plugin that allows this? I believe a plugin called HTTP GET did this, but is no longer available. Is this a function of FM8.5? I've read the marketing doco but it isn't clear if this functionality is available. Thanks i
  9. I'm currently looking into the same question to put our existing Filemaker solution online. I believe you will find the information you're looking for, (together with details on a demo with much of the functionality you want) on this link to the main Filemaker site: http://www.filemaker.com/developers/resources/cwp.html
  10. Well we bit the bullet, set up a standalone box (Win 2000 Professional)and did a multiple file drag and drop conversion using the free NFR copy of v7 we got with our last v6 licence. To my amazement it runs 99% perfectly, including several older plug-ins. A few minor navigation issues we're fixing on the fly, all else is fine. It seems we can convert and run with minimal issues and then re-architect at our leisure. Far better than we could of hoped for!
  11. Our homegrown v6 application has a dozen files, most with several thousand records, and the larger files are 200Mb+. It extensively uses the "tunneling" method to pass data between the current records of multiple open files by running external scripts, setting globals and then using look-ups. I believe this was the standard (only?) method to pass data between (artificially) related files in v6. I realise that the v7/8 relationship model totally supersedes this old kludgy way of getting data between files/tables, and that re-architecting the whole application is the ideal. However that is
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