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  1. Running Server Advanced on Mac Server 10.8.5 Started having an issue last week when the web servers certificate was replaced. Now the PHP publishing just does not connect (for the Test Page I get an XML error: not well-formed (invalid token) The IWP sample DB works perfectly, however ever other IWP DB does not open and gives a FM Web Publishing - - wpc1 Error: 500 "/fmi/iwp/cgi?-authinfo" 500 10356 I'm assuming that these are related. Do I need to reinstall FMS or is there a setting that I'm missing somewhere?
  2. Interesting... I wonder if this will continue with further versions.
  3. Hold on, I think I have it. I was able to pass the facultyID to the TimeSlot table and use that to link to the class table along with the day and time. Thanks again for the help. jon
  4. Wonderful! It's working. But, it doesn't seem to be filtering. It just shows all events/classes, as opposed to those assigned to a Faculty member. How would that relationship fit in? jon
  5. It's been awhile on this post, but I'm back looking at how to make this work. I've gotten the Time Slots into my database, but am having trouble figuring out which way to join them to the data. First off, the way I have the slots made is half hour increments from 8am to 8pm (so 26 records) with another field for the day, so since I need 5 days I have 130 records with a time and day for each record. If I try a cartesian join, the times will show up correctly, but I'm not able to view the proper classes for those times. If I try to join with times and days (i.e. TimeSlots::Day = Class::D
  6. Hmmm. How to explain... What I'm doing is creating a way for a person on our staff to map out classes for faculty and rooms. Basically it's creating the class lists for a year from now. As far as the week view goes, it just needs to show Mon-Fri 8am to 8pm of a proposed schedule for any given week. So in the screenshot attached, you can choose a Faculty Member and see the list of classes, and I would like to put those classes onto a schedule like is on the bottom. I will also create a viewer table for the rooms as well. Does that help? I've also included my updated relationship
  7. I think I didn't explain the database enough. I don't really want a calendar, I simply need a view of one week, either looking at it from a Faculty perspective or a Room perspective. After thinking through it more yesterday, I've changed my approach. Initially I was trying to build in the option of having one class be able to be in different times and different rooms, therefore a many to many relationship. But for our purpose, I don't think we really need that. So now the question becomes, is it possible to store the times for a class in the class table and be able to graphically show one
  8. I'm working on a database that schedules classes to rooms, times, and faculty. It's use is not as a calendar, but I'd like to be able to have a week view (Mon-Fri) with what is scheduled either by Faculty or by room. I have a couple of questions. First is my structure correct... I have a class table and it has the foreign key for the Faculty, as well as a foreign key for a linking table. The linking table has a foreign key for Days (5 records Mon-Fri) and a foreign key for Rooms (set number of rooms). Am I close for structure? The big question for me is how does time relate to everything
  9. Well, it looks like I'm ahead of myself. I already fixed that! Turning off javascript (at least in Safari and Firefox) the menus still work. I did go ahead and changed the cursor and I'm liking that. Good call. As far as jQuery, I'm not a strict javascript programmer by any means and I needed something light and quick with tools for what I wanted to do. Most library's have the accordions and lightbox style stuff, but I really liked the slideshow plugin, and I had already had experience in some mootools stuff, so that's why I went that way. It looks as though jQuery has quite the user base an
  10. Thanks for the thoughts. I can't take complete credit for the design and the colors as its a modified template of the University's. For the top bar, I've gone back and forth on what to do there. I don't think they need to be clickable, but yet I do have to find something for those with java turned off to be able to get into the menus (I believe this would include iPhone users as it doesn't appear to be able to get into those menus either), so I'll take that into consideration as I figure that out. Thanks for the advice/comment and also for the help you've been with my other questions.
  11. CMU School of Music If you search back through this forum, I've had a number of posts related to a site I'm doing. Well, it's finally finished...er, up. Is it ever really finished? It's a mix of straight html/php and some filemaker stuff as well for event data and anything that has multiple records. Some of the coolest parts of the site are unfortunately only for students (authenticates across the schools Active Directory...), which include a locker check out with a GUI map of the lockers (attached image) showing which ones are available built from the Filemaker PHP API using some html
  12. Actually it was consistent for most finds, but then when I went to a find which displays a bunch of records in different tables, it would die randomly on different page loads. Very strange, computers stink when they're not consistent. To fix the inconsistencies that time I went back to managing data sources and looked at it a little bit more. While the file:FileName.fp7 works, I think FMSA has to work a little hard to find the file if its in a subfolder in the database directory. When I specified... file:FolderName/FileName.fp7 it worked perfectly. (so far) I will keep this updated with
  13. It appears that there are two separate ways of sending emails from CWP and I'm looking for advice on which way I should use, PHP email or performing a FileMaker script to send the email. The data I need to send needs to be secure (i.e. not found on the web page) because I'm using a web form to send a lock combinations. PHP seems the easiest but it has two drawbacks... 1) I would have to figure out the PHP session/cookies or encrypting issues and.. 2) If a person needs multiple combos, they would need to send two emails. (which also may be solved with better php skills. The othe
  14. I like the way my workaround works on the other database because I need to be able to change some of the info, but I ran into the same issue in tying another db in and this solution worked! (at least so far...) There are actually no slashes when just specifying a file. Simply... file:FileName.fp7 Thanks for the tip. jon
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