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  1. Well, I didn't get any response when I tried to explain my problem using just words, so maybe a hands-on realworld example that actually doesn't work is a better approach... See attached file. I'm trying to filter the contents of the left-hand portal on the shopping list layout using a relationship that uses a global key matching a calculated key. But I can't get it to work. I don't recall which of the 10,000 attempts I left intact in this file, but it doesn't work and I'm stumped. I need someone with working brains to show me what I'm too thick to figure out myself. ..Todd
  2. I can't figure this relationship procedure out... I have two occurences of the same table: AllParts and SomeParts. I want a portal (showing SomeParts records) to list only the parts that meet certain user-defined criteria the user has set using global fields. For example, the user selects color="green" from a pop-up, category="bolts" from a second pop-up, and vendor="acme" from a third pop-up. So I want the portal to show only the green bolts sold by Acme. Here's what I tried unsuccessfully: - added a global "criteria" field that contains a shorthand code for the user's
  3. Thanks Fenton. What is confusing me is the self-join nature of the relationship. I want the portal to contain the same (low_qty) items (from the same table) regardless of which record I'm viewing. Also, I'm a bit thrown-off by FileMaker's recent change in portals referencing related tables rather than the relationship itself, as they used to. It's been a couple years since I used Filemaker (v5). I'm pretty slow about these things. I'll catch on eventually.
  4. I should clarify that "itemQty" and "minimumAllowed" are both numeric fields in this table.
  5. Hi I'm trying to display in a portal, a subset of a table's records, based on a calculation. pseudo code: if itemQty is =< minimumAllowed, then display that record in the portal. What is a simple way to do this?
  6. Søren, That solution is elegant, simple, and wonderfully tricky. You are a true FM Pro. No wonder I couldn't figure it out. I wasn't even close. Thanks again. ..Todd
  7. Thanks Søren, I'll look at the template this evening. Much appreciated! In my case, I neeed to use lookups/copying to create a historical snapshot of the current state of affairs, and store that state. Much the same as you would in an invoicing system. I realize that's not the usual way to handle a re-ordering task, but the workflow is in charge here, not conventions. What is "canban ranking"? I've never heard that term before. ..Todd
  8. Nope, the QTY-on-hand is not really relevant to this task. The shopping list 'picker' will be operated manually/visually, not necessarily based on current QTY. There will be optional filters applied to the master parts list to limit the parts choices to, for example, those with qty=low, color=red, vendor=acme, or whatever, but that's not a problem.
  9. I'm trying to create the following scenario... I have a table of inventory parts that lists parts numbers, description, qty on hand, vendor, etc. I want to create a "shopping list" which is a lookup (copy, not a direct relationship), of parts that are running low. I'd like it to look like two portals side by side, the left one listing the parts table, the right hand list showing those parts I've selected to add to my shopping list. There'd be a button between the two portals, to [Add] a part to the list. It would work exactly the way we add a script step to our scripts.
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