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  1. Thanks for the reply. I had a look but that doesnt seem to help me. Sometimes I have an idea on how to do this, but I write it down and it does my head in any time. I'd appreciate any more specific advice. Cheers
  2. I have a page break set after each subsummary. This is where I would like the numbers to restart again
  3. Hi All, I have a layout/report I'm using for printing. THe first column is a "Record Number". The layout is sorted by a Sub Summary with a page break in between. How am I able to restart the record number count after every page break?
  4. I'm only a beginner too, so some things I say may not be 100% correct. I fixed it up for you. You don't need any calculation fields in the Registrations table. All it needs to store is the contacts id, the event id and the fare type id. Thats the beauty of relationships : I've only done a rough patch up job, but the functionality works ok. Let me know if it makes sense what Ive done. Cheers Students.fp7.zip
  5. Hey mate, can you attach what you have done so far? I've had a lot of help on this forum, so time I helped back :
  6. The title says it all....please bear with me as this could be complicated. As part of a manifest system I have developed, I need to know how many passengers departing each location upon a route. For example Route: A - B - C - D - E Passengers can board at any location, and hop off at any location. My goal is to choose a location, and know how many pax on board departing based upon when they boarded and when they are getting off.. For example, departing C could include pax who are: A-D , B-E, C-D etc As you can see on a longer route there could be quite a few possi
  7. Thanks for the reply Peter, My end goal is a manifest, with passengers assigned to a sector, which is assigned to a flight. Each sector has a summary showing how many people of each gender in each zone (there are 3, A, B, C) of the aircraft. This is based on their seat number which grabs the zone from the zones table. It combines this with their gender to create MA (Male, Zone A). I then add these up for each sector.
  8. Hi All, I have attached my passenger database (work in progress). I am trying to total the number of passengers of each gender sitting in each zone, for each sector. The attached DB is pretty self explanatory. Could I have some help please, as It's not adding correctly and I have obviously overlooked something. Thank you Manifest.zip
  9. Cheers, I can't seem to get your example to work. I have attached something more similar to my database so you can see my dilemma. I was hoping a Calculation field would be able to work it out, but not sure really. Seating_Demo.zip
  10. Here's another interesting question. I would like to know how many people are on the aircraft when it departs a particular location. The problem is the aircraft is flying route A-B-C-D. Pax are able to board in any location and exit at any following location. e.g A-C or B-C. So in the above example, as the aircraft departs B there are those with B as the boarding sector, and those who boarded in A, continuing on to C or D. How would I calculate the number of people as the aircraft departs each port? Cheers
  11. Is there an alternative to using portals to display the seats? It is working well, however with 300+ records the portals display very slowly. I've looked at Flash & XML but that seems to require FM Server. Also had a look at the Fusion Reactor plugin but that seems quite in depth.
  12. Thanks for the sample. Definately moving forward now! It never occured to me to use Portals for the seats. Works really well. I have attached the database again, with lots of improvements I have made. One small thing has me hung up again. If you click on a seat it brings up a custom dialog and tells you if the seat is empty or who occupies it if it's not empty. This is processed by the script "SeatViewer - Click on Seat". Per the attachment, ASY800 has seat 4G allocated. ASY700 has seat 5G allocated. If you go to ASY800 and click on seat 5G it says the seat is allocated when it
  13. Sure. Each flight can have one or more sectors. eg Flight 123 can operate A-B-C-D. Pax can board in any location and head to any onwards destination. So, I'm basically allowing for passengers to travel A-B or A-D or C-D etc. Hope that makes sense. Cheers
  14. Sorry but I just can't get it to work properly. Seats are allocated ok, but I can't work out how to display allocated seats on the seating plan. I've tried using conditional formatting with no luck. Any chance you could upload a sample? Cheers
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