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  1. try filemac:/computer name/mounted volume/volume name the scheduler seems to like it just fine and I have had no problem whit my back up files what so ever
  2. Hahaha I'm sorry I wasn't thinking about what I was saying yesterday. the one step I missed was the setting the file options. It works perfectly! thanks oodles!!!
  3. so what you're telling me is that I need to store the apple script on the server machine that hosts the database? see when I modified the open remote script I was unable to actually modify that specific script, I had to create a new open remote script and add the apple script step. When running the open remote it did not mount the external drives until apple 1 was pressed so I was a bit confused. I moved the apple script to the host machine, but the process still does not run properly unless you have already gone through the file< open remote< server< database and then press
  4. But scripts are specific to the database they are on right? So if you are going through the steps Click on filemaker< press cancel when new databse screen opens< go to file< open remote< click on desired server< click on desired databse the modified open remote script doesn't work. or am I doing something wrong?
  5. i'd like to have the external volumes that refrenced files are stored on open and mount when a user opens the database remotely.
  6. the main picture (which is not visable) is being imported as a refrence, the thumbnail (which is visable) is just being imported. but i had no problems importing the files before. I have 2099 records at he moment and it just decided to start telling me I didn't have enough memory to complete the operation. -I also checked the memory left on the server computer that the database is stored on, but therev is plenty -I am running only one other program on my own computer during the import, but running no other programs makes no diffrence
  7. I'm importing pictures into my database but stops after 25 images to tell me, "sorry there is not enough memory to complete this opearation" what the heck?
  8. eh, third times a charm right? Thank you very much.
  9. alright then Image id it is. the export worked perfectly! Am I going to need to recreate my database from scratch now (re-import everything/ imput info) or can this solution be applied to the exsisting database?
  10. is the image Id necessary, and if yes what does it do (jsut for my clarification)?
  11. I am making an effort, but i'm having to learn how to use this program from scratch. i've never used filemaker or any other type of program like it before. and what I meant by the patronizing is that every explination I get is the same expination only worded slighty different. i'm not a total idiot, I get what people are saying. I just don't get how to do what people are telling me to do correctly and it seems to be more an issue of language than anything else. I get lost halfway through the process.
  12. Ugh. Look I get that the large file is what lags it. I also get that I have to some how link the thumbnail to the large file through a relationship. What I don't get is how to do that. Tech speak is wasted on me which makes the filemaker help a difficult in this area. All I need is simple English directions, not the same patronizing explanation over and over again. Seriously I know people like me can get very aggravating to people like you who know what they're doing, but I'm learning.
  13. I think we have a bit of a miss understanding. I'm not looking to put the large file into filemaker because as I said in an earlier post is creates some serious lag issues. The thumbnail images eliminate this lag issue, but creates a problem with exporting. The office I work in is public affairs related and the images need to be the highest quality for publications. When using thumbnails in the container the export function will export only the thumbnail. I need it to export the Large file to whatever desktop it was requested from. All of the large files are in a universal
  14. [color:purple]1) The large files are about 29mb each 2) No there is no way to use a server outside of the filemaker running machine 3) The images need to be able to be exported to the machine of whatever user needs it. 4) The name used in the name field is the same as the actual file name. I have tried to read the filemaker help but it hasn't been helpful at all. I’ve only had a short while to putz around with the program as it is, and I don't really have a whole ton of time to play and figure out what I’m doing at this point. By the end of august this thing has to be up and oper
  15. ugh I thought I had the problem solved but I totally dont. I am obviously going to have to create thumbnail images to use in the picture container to get the file size down (our database is going to end up being around 10,000 photos (about 250g right now) by the end of the month) and as they are once you get past 60 images the database moves slower than whale poo in janurary. I'm not sure how to link the thumbnails to the large images and what you just said went wayyyyyyy over my head (it's like being in another country and not knowing the language!).
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